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Complete right bundle branch block

I made ECG in which I found tha my father have complete right bundle branch block also marked right axis deviation and sinus rhytm that is serious or not

Diagnosed with BP 6 week back.

Taking Telvas40.Now BP 87/135.Rapid profile_Normal.ECG-Sinus Tachycardia.Another Dr. Suggest Amplores TL.Which will be better.

Carry loose Brillinta tablet medicines

I am travelling for 1 day can I take 2-4 tablet with me loosely in paper or small plastic bag from my Brillinta 90mg bottle. Pharmacist gave me bottle of brillianta 90mg. Is it safe to carry it without in bottle in paper or something small polythene.

Evaluation of my echo report ?

My echo report is completely normal as per my doctor ! But i see my EF is 64%, is that normal? Why is it not 100% ?

Pain in heart

Since many years i have been getting pain in my heart during the night. I am unable to sleep. Is it because of love or some other issue ? Please help me.