Health Q&A
Acne and dull face

Hi doctor, On my face there is lot of pimples and black spot. Please suggest me some meditation or diet for the same

Itching problem

I had jock itch problem for 5-6 month before one year..which cured during treatment and after that i had same kind of itching problem on bum which still not cured after trying many medicines..in addition to bum i have one spreaded ring type wound on back and thigh. I have tried many drugs like itraconazol, clotrimazol, lulliconazol etc. Suggest proper medicines to get rid of this long itching problem.

Hair root/ scalp pain & severe itching

I am facing server itching and scalp hair root tender ness but no hair fall and i can see some flakes as well but not in entire head and the itching majorly is in back side of the head!

Scar removal

How much it would cost me for scar removal. Is it don't have any side effects and is it cover under insurance

Facial hair

I have facial hair which are by birth but growth was not hard. Since 2 years i am getting hair on my chin and neck that are hard. Is there any solution other than laser that these can be removed permanently