Mantra Kerali Ayurvedic Hospital

Mantra Kerali Ayurvedic Hospital

Mantra Kerali Ayurvedic Hospital

Saroor Nagar, Hyderabad

Ayurveda, Spa Hospital

Established 20145 Beds

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The whole world is looking towards Ayurveda & Yoga to restore health globally. Unfortunately the mystic land which gave birth to these fabulous sciences is not utilizing their miraculous healing methods and the invincible principles of life to obtain peace & harmony. We feel this is high time to make the synergised effects of both Ayurveda & Yoga available to one and all.The Problem:Human being is the prime victim to the modern life style where improper diet habits, disturbing day to day activities, pollution, ever increasing stress levels and other over whelming occupational hazards produce loads of toxins in the body. These get accumulated and cause a wide range of dreadful diseases, which are impossible to get cured by the present day medical system.The Solution:Elimination the toxins both from body & mind is the only way to cure such diseases and rejunevating the body. Mother nature provides us some natural ways to detoxify our body.Panchakarma:It is the monumental gift of Ayurveda to detoxify & recharge the body. If comprises a set of bio-purification methods namely.• Vamana - Process of purifying the bodily wastes and eliminating toxins from upper pathways.• Virechana - Process of evacuating harmful toxins through the lower pathways, cleaning the stomach and intestines.• Vasti - The powerful process of cleaning, purifying & strengthening the colon. It nourishes the body, restores & maintains equillibrium to the nervous system.• Nasyam - Insufflation of medicated liquid (or) powder through the nasal passage which directly stimulates the brain.• Raktamokshanam - Letting the impure & stagnated blood out of the body with the help of leeches and other techniques.At Matra, an experienced team of Ayurvedic Doctors perform these exhilarating procedures in the lap of Mother Nature.Yoga:While panchakarma help in cleaning the body, Yoga succors in purifying the mind and turns it cosmically charged.Our Doctors prescribe medicines along with a set of individualised diet and life style modifications which helps you to tune yourself with your cosmic nature.We at Mantra are blending the two spectacular sciences to harmonise the human body and to revitalise the soul.



Sri Raghavendra Towers, Kharmanghat, Saroor Nagar
Landmark: Opposite Green Park Colony Arch
Saroor Nagar, Hyderabad
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