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Now - You Can Design Your Smile Too!

Dr. Kamlesh Kothari, Dentist
Every person is unique, and so is their smile. A smile serves as an invitation to our fellow human beings to get to know us. Stars show us how it’s done: Julia Roberts, George Clooney, etc., have particularly attractive smiles. Not everyone is naturally blessed with beautiful, even, white teeth. Do you only smile and laugh with your hand covering your mouth or with your lips closed? This can be a thing of the past now. Smile and laugh spontaneously, joyously, confidently, and in a relaxed way. Smile designing in Kolkata however has not become that wide. You may come across some prominent orthodontists who are equipped with the knowledge of the same. Hence, you should be extra careful while selecting the expert who can do the job safely without hampering your face and mouth. For finding out an expert, you can refer to internet, or can take recommendations from friends or relatives.We live in a beauty conscious society. No wonder, the smile on the face adds to one’s charms & beauty but it has a more important role of improving one’s self-image. It is rightly said that smile is a curve that sets everything straight.SMILE DESIGNING is a process whereby complete oral hard and soft tissues are studied and certain changes are brought about which will have a positive influence on overall aesthetics of face. One of the greatest assets a person can have is a smile that shows beautiful natural teeth. Smile designing procedures are essential for smiles that are defective, unappealing or ugly. The defects may lie in the colour or shape of the teeth. Defects or excessive visibility of the supporting gums can also contribute to ugly smiles.Veneers- a thin strong shell of tooth colours ceramic to cover stained or misshapen teeth.Zirconia crowns- state of the art material for cosmetic dental treatmentCeramics- replaces tooth coloured portion of the crown Instant Tooth whitening- Dental bleaching to whiten and add sparkle to the smile instantly chipped teeth- to correct partially broken teeth exactly like earlier natural teeth with a process called bonding.Gap closure- Commonly done to correct ugly spaces between teeth tooth contouring-to re contour the teeth aesthetically into an appealing smileComputer guided analysis- smile analysis for advanced casesLaser gum contouring- for gummy smiles or dark gums that show up on smiling are used to enhance ones smile.Smile makeover- a mixture of various above techniques, mainly used as a bridal smile makeover.Braces- Braces can be done at any age and now we have invisible braces and lingual braces which no one can see!

Say 'I Do' to Smile Make Over for the Big Day!!

Dr. Ragini Parmar, Dentist
Weddings have always been an important occasion in every country around the world. Families gather together and make a big fuss over this one event in the lives of their loved ones. A new trend that has recently started is getting a gorgeously perfect smile for the wedding day. Brides want that perfect smile, grooms or parents of the concerned parties; everyone wants a beautiful smile to flash at the camera. I am sure people that get makeovers for a wedding day look back through wedding day pictures and smile a beautiful smile while feeling thankful they chose to invest in a smile makeover.Are you considering this? It might be worth a thought if you are uncomfortable smiling at people in social situations. It not only makes for pretty wedding pictures but contributes to overall oral healthcare. It’s a good excuse to visit a dentist and sort our other decay and misalignment problems that you may be suffering from. A smile makeover can give you all the confidence you need.What the Doctor RecommendsGenerally, individuals interested in a smile makeover consult their dentist well in advance so that the procedures are all successfully carried out before the Big Day. When you meet with your dentist, your concerns, goals, and expectations about the procedure will be addressed. Once the dentist has understood what you want in your smile, it will be customized according to what best suits your face. No two smiles are alike and what works for one person may not necessarily be the best fit for your face and bone structure. Your dentist will work with you to find an ideal combination that best suits your features.In order to get the most out of the treatments, your dentist will need to customize a plan for you. It’s best if you visit your dentist four months prior to the wedding, giving him/ her sufficient time to complete all the procedures.Alterations: Wedding Smile MakeoversThere are some subtle alterations that can make a huge difference to your smile. These can be carried out in a couple of sittings at the dentist’s office. Tooth whitening and tooth bonding are examples of subtle and relatively quick procedures that have long lasting significant effects on one’s teeth. Other procedures like porcelain veneers and crowns can take from anywhere between one to two months to reach completion.The treatment options for your smile makeover will be explained clearly. While informing you about your options, you will also be informed about what will take place prior to, during, and after each of these procedures. Your doctor is trained to make sure you are well taken care of and have a beautiful new smile for that brand new phase of your life.Remember it’s your special day. All cameras and eyes will be on you. Along with other preparations make sure you invest in a stunning smile, after all you will be in all the pictures and videos.

Smiles, Camera, Action !

Dr. Diksha Tahilramani Batra, Dentist
Did you know that transforming your smile can have an outstanding impact on your life and career?“If the eyes are the window to your soul then the Smile is the window to your personality.”Ever wondered why some celebrities seem to have that eternal smile and appeal –like all they need to be wearing is their smile. A beautiful smile while being visually attractive, ageless and timeless is what sets you apart. Here’s exploring how a winning smile can change it all for you as an aspiring actor and if it is that X factor you were always looking for!Actors whose dazzling smiles have become iconic, idealized and synonymous with their star personalityIs your smile the only thing standing between you and a great career?While beauty lies in the eye of the beholder this is undeniable that as the world becomes a global village, the media portrays profound respect for beauty as a fundamental measure of perfection.People are unwilling to accept anything less than the best. The positivity and dynamism within must reflect without.A career in the limelight, as an actor, a celebrity, an anchor or a performer is a dream come true for most! As glamorous as it seems it can often be very demanding on all fronts. While rigorous competition and long hours are just some of the challenges your key focus even before your skill is your visual appeal or attractiveness.Smile & its role in  physical attractiveness “A smile can be attractive, a prime asset to a person’s  appearance and it can be a powerful factor in the ego and desirable life experiences of a human being. It cannot be treated with indifference because of its deep emotional significance.”Science Of Smile DesignSmile design as a concept evolved almost a century ago, to address the aesthetic needs of the smile and the face as a whole.Many artistic and scientific principles when considered collectively can create a beautiful smile. These principles are established through data collected from patients, diagnostic models, dental research, scientific measurements and basic artistic concepts of beauty.A Smile makeover is a complex procedure involving a variety of dental procedures that form what is called the specialty of Cosmetic or Aesthetic Dentistry. If you are insecure about your smile or are unsure if you need a smile makeover, just consult your dentist.The articles to follow will elaborate how and when each one is required to make your smile a shining star just like you!This is the first of a series of many articles on cosmetic dentistry and smile makeovers and how they impact the film and television industries.Do leave your comments below, we would love to hear what you thought about the article.

Easy Steps For A Better Smile

Dr. Syed Saood Hasan Razvi, Dentist
Wish you had close to perfect pearly whites? (Who doesn't!) Then make all of these dental health tips a part of your daily routine.It's probably no surprise that a bright, white smile can make you appear younger and more attractive.In fact, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, a whopping 96 percent of respondents surveyed believe that an attractive smile makes a person more appealing. But good dental health goes beyond the way you look.The mouth is the gateway to the body, which means the state of your teeth and gums affect your overall health. By following these steps to a better smile, you’ll be taking important strides for the rest of your body too.Brush regularlyBrushing is the cornerstone of dental hygiene. It removes food particles that bacteria feed on, cleans teeth and freshens breath. A toothpaste containing fluoride helps strengthen teeth, but you must brush for at least two minutes to allow it to work. Many electric toothbrushes have a built-in two-minute timer, which can make brushing for the full amount of time easier.Floss dailyFlossing removes the bacteria from in between your teeth where your toothbrush does not reach, which helps prevent gum diseases. It is recommend to floss twice a day, but if you want to floss just once a day, then its better to floss before bedtime because during sleep you produce less saliva, which leave teeth and gums particularly vulnerable to bacteria.Visit your dentistVisit your dentist at least twice a year for thorough dental cleaning. Your dentist can spot early signs of gum disease, which is more easily treated when detected at the earlier stages. If you are prone to gum disease and cavities, consider visiting your dentist every four months. Similarly, if you have other health conditions that put you at higher risk for dental problems(such as diabetes, or a depressed immune system from HIV, cancer, or chemotherapy), ask your dentist how often you should have an exam. A special dental-hygiene regimen should be considered for pregnant women, people with diabetes and anyone undergoing chemotherapy treatment or using medications that can affect the gums(such as antiepileptics) or dry the mouth(some psychiatric medications).It's wise to examine your own mouth regularly for signs of trouble, such as a non healing sore on the lip or inside of your cheek, swollen or sensitive/bleeding gums. If you notice any of these conditions, make an extra dental appointment to have them checked out.Eat a healthy dietInclude plenty of dairy and other calcium-rich foods, like sardines and kale, in your diet. Calcium helps maintain strong bones and teeth, and vitamin C in citrus fruits boost gum health.Equally important to what you do eat is what you don't. Sugary and sticky foods that stick to the crevices of your teeth are particularly bad, as bacteria feed off the sugars and release acids that cause cavities. If you do eat candy or other sweets, try to brush immediately afterward or, if that's not possible, rinse your mouth with water.Don't smoke or use smokeless tobaccoPeople who smoke are four times more likely to have gum disease than non smokers, according to a study by the Journal of Periodontology. Using smokeless tobacco increases a person's risk for oral cancers, including lip, tongue, cheeks, and gums. On a smaller scale, tobacco products contribute to bad breath, or halitosis.Whiten teethWhile the benefits are solely cosmetic, with today's products, whitening is a very safe procedure that will not harm your teeth as long as the products are used as directed and you are under the care of a dentist.Over-the-counter whitening products are effective for minor staining, professional-strength whitening products are better for more-severe yellowing.Speak to your dentist before undergoing any whitening procedure to make sure your teeth and gums are healthy.Consider cosmetic proceduresThe first thing a person sees when they meet you is your smile, and having crooked, stained, or missing teeth can affect your confidence. There have been great advances in cosmetic dentistry over the past decade, and it is possible to fix most cosmetic problems. Veneers for improving the appearance of crooked, stained, or oddly shaped teeth and orthodontics for straightening teeth are only two of the many cosmetic procedures offered. However, most cosmetic dentistry is not covered by insurance, and can be costly. It's important to schedule a consultation with an experienced cosmetic dentist prior to undergoing any type of procedure.

World Smile Day

Dr. Sourabh Sunil Shah, Dentist
SMILE, THE UNIVERSAL LANGAUGE OF HAPPINESSEver wondered what is it about kids that their mere presence spreads happiness? Yes, you guessed it right! It is their innocent beaming smile. Babies are born with the ability to smile. Kids do not need to know about a person before smiling and that is why they make friends easily. Such is the power of smile. A smile doesn’t cost anything but yet gives so much. A single smile can break tension between strangers, reunite long lost friends, end animosity between rivals.Ever been in a bad mood and then someone has come along with a huge smile which makes you smile too? A smile from someone can instantly make us forget our worries and bring joy even on the gloomiest day. Smile is infectious, whether you are the one to give or the one to receive.There is no greater happiness than to be the reason behind someone’s smile. It brings us joy when we can spread smiles all around us. With this motive Harvey Ball, the creator of the ‘Smiley Face’ thought of dedicating one day each year to smiles and kind acts throughout the world. He declared the first Friday in October each year as ‘World Smile Day’.We can celebrate this day in many ways. A smiling “hello”, even a small compliment to someone, helping out strangers, reconnecting with long lost friends, lending an ear to someone in worry and so on can bring smile to someone’s face. There is no end to kind acts which we can do to spread smiles.So on this day let us all decide to spread joy not just today but all year long by spreading ‘Happy Smiles’….

7 Reasons to Make You Smile!!

Dr. Diksha Tahilramani Batra, Dentist
Visiting a dentist can be very daunting. We realize that and hence here are 7 reasons that will surely bring a smile to your face.So here are the Seven Reasons to make you Smile #1. No Pain, Only GainDental clinics are no longer the torture chambers they used to be. With modern amenities and warm  welcoming interiors you no longer need  to be afraid of hospital like settings with scary looking doctors.#2. Pain & Anxiety ControlWe now have advanced equipment that replaces drills, injections and blades, all the instruments that you may have feared in the dental office.#3. Sleep while getting a Root CanalWhile root canals  are the most feared treatments in dentistry, patients today are painlessly treated within a single sitting, so much so that they sleep through most of their treatment.#4. Walk out with an instant Face LiftGetting an instant cleaning and whitening is now as easy as walking in for a 15-45 minute session. So even if  you’re a last minute person getting that dazzling set before a party or your big day is ever so easy.#5. Straighten teeth without ugly braces!If its crooked teeth that are bothering you and you just cant bear the thought of ugly metal braces, the new invisible braces is  just the perfect solution to your problem. No one will ever know you have braces! And you will be smiling all along the treatment and have a better smile at the end of it!#6.No More Cavities!We counsel our patients on how to ensure no more cavities –right from diet  counseling to establishing oral hygiene habits that’ll prevent any future cavities to keep that sweet smiling face always intact!#7.Fixed teeth for allWe now have the ability of replacing a crippling denture with fixed teeth which maximizes your eating pleasure and increases your self-confidence no matter your age!Now, you have seven reasons to make you fearless about visiting a dentist like Smile Essentials. We’re sure once you have done your treatment, you will be smiling more than ever before! Call us for your appointments at 9209200024.

The Big Smile Secret Revealed

Dr Divyaroop Rai
If you have ever wondered why so many Individuals in Public Life have such a perfect smile, you might be surprised to find out how many of them have had Cosmetic Dental work.One way that we the dental specialists can make your smile more attractive is to correct your crooked teeth by using Braces (Metal/Tooth colored or Invisible) by an Orthodontist or if not much crooked then by placing ceramic laminates, Veneers and Jacket Crowns.Reinvent your SMILE without visible bracesA set of barely seen Ceramic or plastic braces that merge with the natural colour of teeth to Lingual Braces or Invisible braces (fitted on the inner face of your teeth, hiding them from your view and the person in front cannot see them), are effective to correct a radically crooked-tooth smile, especially if the wearer leads an active public life. Dr. Divyaroop Rai, a Jaipur based Orthodontist says there’s a reason for higher demand of brace among older patients too. “The misalignment of your teeth, which is present from childhood, worsen as you age and get older, affecting your healthy gums. The jaw and nose become longer, and cheek sink in. What was acceptable at 18, isn’t at 30. If you have bad teeth at fifteen, it would look worse by 30”What are Laminates & VeneersThese are basically shells of Tooth Colored material that are bonded to the front surface of the tooth to make them look Beautiful and Natural.Dothey Look Natural?Newer tooth colored materials have improved so much that, it may be extremely difficult for a layperson to make out anything artificial have been done on your teeth if laminates are properly made, says Dr. Anuroop Rai, Facial Cosmetic and Oral Surgeon, Jaipur.What type of problems do dental laminates FIX?Teeth that are Discolored– either because of:Root Canal Treatment, Stains, Excessive fluoride, etc.,Teeth that are Worn Down, Teeth that are Chipped or Broken, Teeth that aremildly misaligned or uneven in shape, Teeth which have mild gap between themAdvantagesof Dental Laminates ?They provide natural toothappearanceThey are stain resistantThe color of Laminates areselected in such a way that dark teeth look whiterThey are compatible with gums

The Working Woman’s Guide to the Perfect Smile!

Dr. Diksha Tahilramani Batra, Dentist
Here are habits to implement TODAY to maintain that perfect smile for you and your family TOMORROWAs women at work or at home, we are responsible for the health of those around us. If you are a compassionate and caring mother, daughter, sister or wife looking after the dental health of your family becomes imperative to their well being.Here are some useful habits that can go a long way in keeping you and your family smiling for years.#1 GO SOFT & AUTOMATICRev up your brushing-use an automated tooth brush. This maybe true for not only you as a woman but for your family. Make sure you switch them to an automatic or motorized brush with soft or extra soft bristles. This works best since it takes the guesswork out of brushing and improves your and your children’s technique even if they’re sleepy in the morning.#2 DENTAL EMERGENCY KITKeeping a dental emergency kit loaded with some essentials like a basic dental painkiller (as prescribed), clove oil, some dental floss and a toothpick (not a habit recommended by us but when things get lodged and cause pain it maybe the last resort)#3 VITAMIN CHECKBest way of ensuring good tooth and bone health is to ensure good levels of vitamins vitamin D3, calcium especially if you’re beating menopause and even iron, b complex to prevent anaemias which can be detected orally. Deficiencies of vitamins and essential minerals can make your family more susceptible to oral health problems.#4 GIFT A SMILEGift your dependents a great smile – Be it preventive treatments for your young ones like our decay protection programme which ensures they never have to feel dental pain like we have,or the braces intervention campaign which helps guide teeth to proper positions at an early age. More questions about your young ones’ dental health –For the elderly who missed out on a lot of preventive dental work can now enjoy the benefits of latest technology giving them fixed teeth instead of removable dentures.#5 START A TREND-FAMILY ORAL HEALTH CHECKUPMark a day in your calendar a public holiday or the beginning of the year a time that you can easily remember and as a family get an annual checkup to not only ensure that you do not suffer from any dental problems but also early detection of any upcoming medical issues can be done. 

Eat right to Smile Bright

Dr Gunjan, Dentist
Whenever it comes to the health of our teeth ,don’t we all  have a natural tendency to directly link it to way we brush or the time we take to maintain our oral hygiene?Well the truth is in reality, our  diet plays an equal  if not a greater role in preventing cavities and maintaining those pearly whitesSo first let's understand how does one get a cavity In the tooth?On the intake of food,  the bacteria in our mouth convert sugar and carbohydrates in the  food into acids and it is the acid which attacks our teeth starting the decay process. The good news is that  we can easily avoid cavities by modifying the kind of food we eat.Teeth-friendly foods:Fruits and vegetables  require  chewing, help release saliva which wash away the acids. Best options are apples and carrotsCalcium rich food products such as Cheese,milk, yoghurt  help in forming strong bones and teethWhole grain foods, legumes, sprouts, lean meat,fish and poultry are all good for the oral healthFoods to avoid:Cookies, pies, biscuits, cakes, etc. have high sugar content which produces acid and harms the tooth. Chips,whitebreads though not sugary, they still contain starch which on intake immediately converts into sugar.Snacking in between meals is extremely harmful, instead have them occasionally along with meals.Sugary drinks and beverages should be limited as they  provide constant sugar exposure to the tooth and also cause stains on teeth. Sipping these drinks  with a straw is advised and we should remember to rinse thereafter.Water yourselfDrinking 12 to 14 glasses of water will help us reach our optimum levels of fluoride, which protects us from cavitiesDrinking ample amount of water also washes  away sticky food and stains from the junk food we consumeWatching what you eat and ofcourse proper brushing of teeth along with regular dental health checkups can easily keep those cavities at baySo, eat right and keep that beautiful healthy smile on!

Smile, You Deserve It!

Dr. Diksha Tahilramani Batra, Dentist
Smile, You Deserve It!We belong to an era where we have been blessed by technology in every sphere of life to make life more effective and comfortable.Unfortunately while technology has penetrated each and every field of health and medicine, few of us know about the latest strides in technology that dentistry has to offer. The good news is that we’ve come a long way! Dentists now have the power to give you a gorgeous confident smile that can bedazzle everyone around you.Whatever it is that has affected your smile negatively, be it trauma, dental diseases or just bad hygiene or nutrition, has probably impacted the health of your tooth enamel and possibly killed your confidence and your ability to smile as well!But fret not, Smile Essentials has it all covered for you.Let’s delve into the details and discuss the various treatments so as to give you a clear idea about the process of getting the perfect smile reconstructed for you.What are Pain-free Dental Innovations?Pain-free Dental Innovations are often described as technologies used these days to treat dental health problems without the unnecessary torture that we earlier endured in the name of dentistry. Now these, innovations are useful in two great ways.First, they offer effective ways to minimize if not completely eliminate the dangers to your gums and teeth.Secondly, they aim at providing you extreme comfort whenever you undergo any type of dental treatment.Did You Know?In the past, the treatment of root canals and cavities was among the most dreaded dental procedures due to the pain and discomfort involved.Patients would often fear getting a cavity or root canal treatment as they could not tolerate the excruciating pain experienced during these dental treatments.The good news now is that all of this has changed, and you would be thrilled to know that you can reinvent your smile with pain free dental innovations.What Makes this Technology Unique?Pain-free dental technology involves the usage of a dental laser to replace the painful needles and drills that were previously used when carrying out dental surgery. This is the most effective and painless way of reinventing your smile-whether you have any cavities, gum diseases or even tooth removal. The best part about this approach is the fact that the patient also heals faster.Gum Disease Treatment-Surgery??EARLIER : Periodontitis is the major cause of tooth loss in adults, and the only treatment that works for gum disease usually involves surgically treating or cleaning the gums-involving not only injections but also blades and stitches. With the advent of a variety of pain-free dental innovations, this treatment no longer required painful needles, blades or even stitches.NOW: The entire procedure can be carried out non invasively by a straight flash of laser light used to treat infections which a blade cannot access without cutting open the gum. Even painful swellings or tumors can be removed with laser surgery.Advantages to the patient are not just limited to during the procedure but even after since healing is faster, bleeding is negligible, and there is no swelling or pain which would hamper daily activities.Root Canal TherapyNOW: Root canal treatment has also become less painful with the use of multiple pain free innovations. We now use the dental laser to remove decay.EARLIER: The earlier painful needles have been replaced by a sophisticated rotary technology.  These equipments are not only pain-relieving but also enable the entire procedure to be executed within a stipulated time frame which would otherwise take multiple painful sessions.Comprehensive & Specialized Digital DiagnosisEARLIER: the experience used to be multiple examinations at multiple centres before you can finally get a complete diagnosis of your dental problems.NOW: At smile essentials when we say we promise to change the way you think of dentistry we not only provide you with every single aspect of diagnosis under one roof be it-Individual Digital x-rays, full mouth scans of your mouth jaws and joints, detailed intraoral pictures and even blood tests all under one roof.We also schedule allied consults for an entire assessment on your face makeover, be it skin care or eye care.Now that you’ve read all of the above, there is no reason to keep finding new excuses to call off your appointment with the dentist, instead make one quickly and get your smile reinvented with the experts at Smile Essentials.