Whenever it comes to the health of our teeth ,don’t we all  have a natural tendency to directly link it to way we brush or the time we take to maintain our oral hygiene?

Well the truth is in reality, our  diet plays an equal  if not a greater role in preventing cavities and maintaining those pearly whites

So first let's understand how does one get a cavity In the tooth?

On the intake of food,  the bacteria in our mouth convert sugar and carbohydrates in the  food into acids and it is the acid which attacks our teeth starting the decay process. 

The good news is that  we can easily avoid cavities by modifying the kind of food we eat.

Teeth-friendly foods:

  • Fruits and vegetables  require  chewing, help release saliva which wash away the acids. Best options are apples and carrots
  • Calcium rich food products such as Cheese,milk, yoghurt  help in forming strong bones and teeth
  • Whole grain foods, legumes, sprouts, lean meat,fish and poultry are all good for the oral health

Foods to avoid:

  • Cookies, pies, biscuits, cakes, etc. have high sugar content which produces acid and harms the tooth. Chips,whitebreads though not sugary, they still contain starch which on intake immediately converts into sugar.
  • Snacking in between meals is extremely harmful, instead have them occasionally along with meals.
  • Sugary drinks and beverages should be limited as they  provide constant sugar exposure to the tooth and also cause stains on teeth. Sipping these drinks  with a straw is advised and we should remember to rinse thereafter.

Water yourself

  • Drinking 12 to 14 glasses of water will help us reach our optimum levels of fluoride, which protects us from cavities
  • Drinking ample amount of water also washes  away sticky food and stains from the junk food we consume

Watching what you eat and ofcourse proper brushing of teeth along with regular dental health checkups can easily keep those cavities at bay

So, eat right and keep that beautiful healthy smile on!