Mouth reflects the overall health status of an individual. 

Many people complain that even after brushing many times in a day their teeth still look dirty, have bad breath , their gums bleed, or they have developed cavities and their teeth hurt. They always wonder what is it that they are doing that is going wrong. They try a variety of toothpastes,or brushes or even mouth wash. Try out home remedies advised by their friends and family members. But will only seek professional help when things go really bad.

In this article I want to assert the need for regular dental check ups and explain the need for it.


In the ancient times people used to believe that teeth decays due to infestation of worms in their mouth or some thought it was a punishment from God. In 1890 a dentist by name W.D Miller formulated a theory that held that caries is caused by acids produced by oral bacteria following fermentation of sugars. Which means teeth decay if there is food stuck onto them. When ever carbohydrates are consumed the bacteria in the mouth begin fermenting and producing organic acids which attacks the tooth, resulting in loss of its structure (i.e cavities)

Once the cavity has begun further progression is inevitable which leads to further loss of tooth structure, involvement of the tooth pulp which provides nutrition to the tooth, unless evasive measures are taken.


As the saying goes prevention is better than cure, it holds a lot of ground with respect to teeth. Many of the diseases of teeth can be prevented. Here are the measures.

  • Regular dental check ups: Yes I have mentioned this first because the initial cavities are so tiny, that only a dentist can identify and can curb the decay process in its initial stage itself. Also by using materials called Pit and fissure Sealants the most susceptible parts can be sealed off. 
  • Tooth Brushing: Commonly used method, but how many of us actually do it right. Brush twice in a day especially before going to sleep.
  • Brushing technique: A soft tooth brush and Toothpaste containing sodium fluoride is what you need (irrespective of the brand). keep the brush at a 45 degree angle to the long axis of your teeth and brush away from your gums( i.e. in a downward motion for your upper teeth and in an upward motion for your lower teeth. (look up for videos on YouTube for brushing technique). And don't forget to clean every corner of your mouth gently
  • Flossing: Dental floss is a very important tool to clean the areas which cannot be reached by your tooth brush i.e in between the teeth.  Wrap about 18 or 20 inches of floss around your middle finger of your working hand and secure the other end with the middle finger of the other hand.Pass the floss gently in between each pair of teeth in a sawing motion and rub it up and down.
  • Mouth rinses: Mouth wash maybe used as an adjunct to regular oral care but not to be used as a substitute for brushing and flossing

Dental disease does occur like any other disease. After-all teeth are also a part of your body. But preventive measures do decrease the incidence of it. Do not try to self medicate and aggravate the problem.Get regular dental check ups done and have a happy smile today and forever.