In a slight smile,with teeth parted,do the tips of your teeth show?

If you said no...

When you smile slightly and when you speak,the edges of your front teeth should show.If your upper teeth have been worn too much or if you have a low lip line,you may appear as if you have no teeth.

This patient was concerned with her low lip line,which made her appear as if she had no teeth.Orthodontic treatment was used to adjust her bite so her front teeth could be lengthened,then full crowns were placed on her upper front teeth.

Bringing your grinding to a halt!

This patient had excessive abrasion caused by bruxism which led to erosion of the enamel on the biting edged of the lower teeth.The eroded and stained areas were restored with composite resin bonding,and cosmetic contouring was performed to blend the shapes and improve the smile line.

Even out your smile:

Patient had extremely long canines.After cosmetic contouring in which canines were reshaped,the patients's smile line was improved.

Type of Bite disorders which on correction may improve your smile.

  • Deep bite
  • Cross bite
  • Open bite
  • Protrusion

These bite disorders can be corrected either by orthodontic treatment or combination of orthodontic and orthognathic surgery.

Advantages of correction of bite disorders:

  • Can improve lip position and esthetics.
  • Improves ability to bite.
  • Long lasting .
  • Orthodontic correction along with orthognathic surgery reduces treatment time and improve facial results.
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