Once you have the smile you always wanted,it's important to take care of it so it stays healthy and beautiful.The effects of most cosmetic dental treatments won't last forever,but you can make them last much longer by following the tips.

Also, remember that a great smile is only the first step toward a whole new you.If you've been unhappy with your smile,you may not have taken the time to address other aspects of your appearance that could be improved.A new smile often brings the confidence and desire to make the most of what you've got.In addition,you may notice other things you want to change that you didn't see before because you were so distracted by flaws in your smile.A few small adjustments can make in your appearance,confidence and outlook on life.


  If bad habits ruined your smile in the first place,they'll spoil your beautiful new smile as well if you don't break them. For example,smoking and drinking excessive amounts of coffee and tea will stain your restorations or newly bleached teeth.Grinding your restored teeth and chewing on or holding hard objects between them can cause wear, gaps,and chips or fractures that may stain.Be sure to discuss all past and present habits with your dentist,and remember,if you want your new smile to last long as possible,you'll need to leave your old bad habits behind.


 Restorations have limited spans, and it's necessary to replace them periodically.Each time this is done,a little more tooth structure may be lost.For this reason,conservative treatment is encouraged early on,particularly young people.The best advice is to ask your dentist if your restoration could be sealed and reinforced instead of replaced.


1. It's discolored, and you find it esthetically unappealing.

2. It has cracks or chips,and the remaining tooth structure isn't protected.

3. It's no longer fitting well or is "leaking".

4. It's showing signs of wear.(If too much wear occurs, filling material will no longer support the enamel)

5.You're experiencing sensitivity.(The cement may have washed out or the margins may be faulty.)

6. Your dentist tells you that the restoration isn't compatible with your gum tissue.

7. There are microcracks adjoining the restoration.

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