Visiting a dentist can be very daunting. We realize that and hence here are 7 reasons that will surely bring a smile to your face.

So here are the Seven Reasons to make you Smile 

#1. No Pain, Only Gain

Dental clinics are no longer the torture chambers they used to be. With modern amenities and warm  welcoming interiors you no longer need  to be afraid of hospital like settings with scary looking doctors.

#2. Pain & Anxiety Control

We now have advanced equipment that replaces drills, injections and blades, all the instruments that you may have feared in the dental office.

#3. Sleep while getting a Root Canal

While root canals  are the most feared treatments in dentistry, patients today are painlessly treated within a single sitting, so much so that they sleep through most of their treatment.

#4. Walk out with an instant Face Lift

Getting an instant cleaning and whitening is now as easy as walking in for a 15-45 minute session. So even if  you’re a last minute person getting that dazzling set before a party or your big day is ever so easy.

#5. Straighten teeth without ugly braces!

If its crooked teeth that are bothering you and you just cant bear the thought of ugly metal braces, the new invisible braces is  just the perfect solution to your problem. No one will ever know you have braces! And you will be smiling all along the treatment and have a better smile at the end of it!

#6.No More Cavities!

We counsel our patients on how to ensure no more cavities –right from diet  counseling to establishing oral hygiene habits that’ll prevent any future cavities to keep that sweet smiling face always intact!

#7.Fixed teeth for all

We now have the ability of replacing a crippling denture with fixed teeth which maximizes your eating pleasure and increases your self-confidence no matter your age!

Now, you have seven reasons to make you fearless about visiting a dentist like Smile Essentials. 

We’re sure once you have done your treatment, you will be smiling more than ever before! 

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