Myth 1) Back pain or neck pain  is  “NORMAL”.

Any kind of pain experienced by body is not normal. In fact 1/2  to 1/3 of us are likely to experience back pain at some point in life. So back pain is not NORMAL but it is very COMMON

Myth 2) There must be something wrong within my back for me to experience pain.

It is not necessary that the pain can only be caused by physical damage to a structure in the spine (bone, joint, muscle, etc). In most of the cases it is caused carrying out routine activities in wrong postures or being in same posture for long durations.

Myth 3) I am absolutely alright once the pain disappears.        

Back pain or neck pains do not work in same manner as Malaria or Jaundice. Most of the time they are episodic, which means that the pain lasts a few days and then disappear completely only to reappear after some time. In fact there is more than 50% chance of reoccurrence.            

One must be aware about which specific postures and daily activities can give cause the pain again. It is important to follow precautions and exercises meticulously to avoid recurrences. 

Myth 4) Bed – rest is absolutely necessary for healing.     

Recent researches show that excessive bed test is in fact detrimental for recovery. In only extreme severe cases of pain no more than 2-3 days of rest is needed. 

Myth 5) I must get an X-ray or MRI done for correct diagnosis.    

As mentioned before, physical damage to structure of spine (i.e. bone,joint,ligament,etc.) is not always a reason for one to experience pain. Poor postures and poor control of muscle can give rise to pain which can’t be diagnosed on X-ray or MRI.        

In fact MRI of a person without any kind of pain could also show abnormalities in the spine. Hence MRI, in spite of being very sensitive is not very specific.

Myth 6) I must take LIGHT and  wear BELT.        

Passive treatments like massage, SWD, currents may just reduce pain temporarily or manier times just act as placebo. 

Wearing belt can actually alter ones posture and make muscle weak hampering long term recovery.

Myth 7) Exercises will increase my pain.               

Systemic and direction specific exercises done following proper evaluation can actually give pain relief. This is a more effective method as it involves patient in treatment; making him independent in case of future recurrence. 

Myth 8) I must have pain only in Back or Neck area.        

Back and neck regions are origin site for nerves on leg and arms respectively. Pain in ankle maybe originating from back and pain in elbow may similarly be originating neck.      

To conclude, it is important to change one's perspective toward back pain and neck pain. Being active, maintaining correct posture and doing right exercises are more effective ways  of having healthy and pain free spine.