Yoga asanas are more than just physical exercise.  Yoga is not just skin-deep; it is in fact much deeper and can touch your soul!
  • When you balance your body, you balance your emotions.  
  • Forward bends allow you to become more understanding and flexible to people and situations.
  • Backward bends give you strength and courage to face and overcome the setbacks in life.
  • Twisting releases all fears & inhibitions that stop you from moving forward.
  • Pranayama and mantra gives you the inner mental stamina to give your best effort in personal & professional life.
  • Daily dhyna (meditation) leads you on a journey to self-discovery- so that you can feel inner peace, joy and happiness.
Thus, your yoga asana practice can change your life 360 degrees. Never make mistake yoga to be just a physical act. It connects your mind-body-soul!

"Yoga is the Journey, of the self, to the self, through the self."