Healthy nutrition consists of macro and micro nutrients along with water which should be taken in optimum amounts. When we talk about water, many people have myths in relation to water intake. Well most people forget to take enough water during the day but many people take too much water which is not good for their health. Actually water should be taken in optimum amount depending upon age, goal, environment and health status. 

Many cells in the body constitutes more than 60% by weight. Water is also a mode of transport of various nutrients and solutes with in the body. Blood too contains 90% of water as plasma serum. Water contains 0 calories, minerals and various electrolytes needed for the proper functioning of body and good health. People looking to lose or gain weight should drink plenty of water, as more water denotes more fat free muscle mass in the body. Less the water amount the body more will be the fatty adipose tissue in the body. 

Water in others diseases is important too. For instance, in Diabetes mellitus drinking more water is important because it helps in fat loss and removal of unnecessary elements. Optimum water intake during hypertension is necessary as it helps diluting the blood, reducing the blood pressure on the arteries. Also, in other medical conditions water helps a lot in recovering. 

There are several myths in the minds of people about water intake. Firstly one should have a maximum of 1 glass of water at a time. Water should be taken in small quantities at regular intervals, like 250 ml per 1.5 to 2 hrs. Also as a part of good nutrition, juicy fruits could be taken instead of water that contains vitamins in addition to water and minerals. Water should not be taken too much at a time as it can cause harm to the kidneys.

 So aa you know about water, keep track on your daily water intake so as to avoid many problems.