Hello everyone, as we know to recover from any disease we need proper healthy diet & rest. According to ayurveda your diet regime acts as medicine. If we eat food like medicine we don't need medicines like food.  As we all know that TB is an infectious disease which mainly affect lungs & gradually affects whole body & general immune system.

  • Antioxidants multivitamin & mineral rich fruits & vegetables are prefered. 
  • We should look to avoid loose motions because nutritions gets absorbed from intestine.
  • Non veg soups chicken / mutton with medicated ghee.
  • Veg soups of radish, horse gram, chickpea, green gram (moong )or mix soups.

  • Goat has got more importance in ayurveda to treat TB as goat milk, goat ghee has natural medicinal properties which helps to cures TB. That's why goat milk is recommended.
  • I'll recommend to drink fresh goat milk minimum 2 times a days. In ayurveda goat farming or seva is recommended. actor govinda did movie in 2000 jis desh mein ganga rehta hai on this topic.


    1. Dates, raisins ,jaggery, sugar are useful to provide instant energy.
    2. Sitopaladi churna is the  best medicine for tb which is readily available almost everywhere, but the complete ayurvedic treatment according to individual symptoms is best & recommended.
    3. Weight loss & weakness is actively present in TB so ayurveda recommended different mansa ras - non veg soups with medicines to get back strength faster.
    4. Pure cow ghee or medicated ghee according to digestive power is recommended.
    5. Older grains more that 1 year old are recommended.
    In order to avoid such diseases of respiratory system you can do VAMAN therapy as preventive measures.