We often say I am not feeling good about my self, I am feeling stressed or depressed. Why sometimes we are not able to handle our emotions. We have a habit of over thinking. Once we indulge in over-thinking of a problem we lost our actual way and start walking on the wrong path. What happens when we overindulge in one negative thought, it takes away all our positive energy and leave us with no option. Our thoughts work both for mind and body, we feel lazy and week if encountered with negative thoughts. 

The mind will not be able to take the right decision and will give instructions like I am worthless, I can’t do anything in life, here mind starts accepting this affirmation whereas body starts feeling lazy, and lose the strength of doing normal work also.

Our thoughts play an important part in living a positive and healthy lifestyle if there is one negative thought then get hundreds of positive alternatives. Never bend in front of life challenges just say it to your self, yes I can do it and find the way to live healthy life and well-being. It’s never difficult to achieve anything for oneself. 

Lots of physical exercise and meditation will help in overcoming the stress of life. It will not lead to any major mental illness