There may be times in one's life when things become unbearable or difficult. Situations or circumstances that push our limits and our ability to cope. Sometimes these periods may last only a short while and sometimes they may prolong for years. Though it is considerably easy to understand when it is that we are struggling, it may be difficult to know when to seek psychotherapy for the same. Below is a list of signs that indicate it may be time to see a psychotherapist:

1.Difficulty in dealing with emotions: You find yourself struggling to understand or manage some or many overwhelming emotions. It could be a numbing sadness, or a deep sense of anger and irritability that you find yourself getting ticked at even small instances, or a persisting feeling of fear and anxiety. These emotions though felt by each one of us, when felt too intensely or frequently can become a concern. Does this significantly affect or impair your regular functioning? Do you take a long time to find your equilibrium?

2.Strained relationships: Do you have increasing trouble communicating in relationships or have frequent quarrels/ disagreements? Do you feel discontent or disconnected with your partner/ family? Do you feel isolated? It may even be a general difficulty in dealing with people or excessive anxiety of being in larger groups which may affect your relations with others. 

3.Stressful life events: Has there been anything in the recent past that has been especially difficult for you to deal with. It may even be an event that has happened a long time back but comes back to haunt you. It may be the loss of a loved one, loss of a job or any other traumatic event in your personal or professional life. Many times the feelings associated with such events don't just fade away with time and working through them may be required.

4.Impaired performance: You are finding it increasingly difficult to focus, concentrate or finish tasks. You may feel that you're unable to perform to your potential and have been getting negative feedback too. You may either feel demotivated or find that despite your best efforts you're unable to get much work done. 

5.Use of drugs: You find yourself constantly turning to alcohol, tobacco or other drugs more frequently or are consuming them in larger quantities. These may be signs that you may be more stressed and find relief in using such drugs.

6.Unexplained physical symptoms: You may frequently experience recurring or changing unexplained physical symptoms. These might manifest as headaches, stomach upsets, palpitations, weakness, pain, increased or decreased appetite, changed patterns of sleep etc. Stress may manifest in varied physical symptoms. If your physician is unable to explain them and they recur often, it is time to talk to a psychotherapist.

7.You have considered talking to a professional: There are times when you find yourself wondering what it would be like to go in for therapy or that you feel it might help but aren't completely convinced. The fact that you have contemplated psychotherapy means there is something you feel requires a deeper look. It definitely is a good idea to listen to that unsure voice and explore psychotherapy for yourself. Research has proven how effective it really is!

These are only a few signs that indicate the need to see a psychotherapist. But these are not the only reasons to see a therapist. If you feel there is anything which makes you feel like you would like to explore psychotherapy for yourself, you definitely must!