There are multiple types of Healths-The Physical Health, the Mental Health and  Emotional Health.  All 3 are interlinked. A person with poor physical health cannot have Good Emotional Health. It is the Emotional health which is responsible for person's overall well being and happiness. People get over-invested in careers, finance and lose the basic peace, relationships and contentment. They lose balance. They feel empty and dissatisfied despite the material success. This emptiness drives them to over-invest themselves in some activity. They have emotional pain; their outlook towards life becomes negative, they are not able to enjoy life, pessimism rules, they ruminate and their overall outlook towards life becomes that of hopelessness. Is this a fruitful life?  

Good Emotional Health 

The purpose of this article is to help you understand how we can free ourselves from Emotional Pain, Regain control of our emotional world, release negative emotions that get accumulated inside us and don't allow us to concentrate on living well. 

Before we do that let's understand what is Emotional Health. It is the  Health that helps us manage and express our feelings when we are in tough situations and helps us stay optimistic.  Use the following chart to analyse where are you on the Emotional health scale

These are signs of Good Emotional Health

Find Meaning in your Life

Aimless people are the most unhappy people. People having poor Emotional Health don't have a purpose when they get up in the morning. They wake up with a Heavy feeling and don't know how to change their life for better. If you are already a working professional then you have a purpose but do you still feel worthless and empty? The best meaning of purposeful life is to help others. A housewife can be dedicated to her family and her children, which to is a great purpose. There are people who help sick and needy, maybe 1-2 hours every day. These kinds of activities keep one fulfilled and happy. So, reach to the needy ones and do something for them. It will nourish your emotional health.

Ingredients of Good emotional health

Build a Community

The best way to beat hollowness is to become part of a community. The feeling of emptiness comes when one has nowhere to go and when no one wants to hear their opinion.  But in a community setting, this becomes possible. If you feel you can make helpful contributions to a community in any form' teach, donate books etc go for it. Life will become purposeful by joining a community. You can learn from the community and also give back to the community. Being part of a community project e.g. forestation can give you a solid base of emotional well being. 


Get exposed to Sunshine instead of staying in a room. Bright sunny days waits for you. Mobile is your enemy that prevents social interactions. Go out in sun and interact with real people. It will give a solid boost to your emotional and mental health. 

Creative work 

Produce some beautiful work where you can express yourself. If you are good at cooking then learn to cook new dishes, gardening and maybe clean your house. Do something that enriches your soul. When you create something beautiful and useful you will feel fulfilled. 

Nurture Relationships 

Invest in your relationships. Don't feel empty. Connect with your families and Friends. 

The Dimensions of Wellness 

Let Go of Anger

Sometimes there are situations which make us angry. Anger destroys the person. It is destructive. Be more forgiving and move on. If you get stuck in the anger cycle it will increase stress, anxiety and other conditions that can lead to serious ailments. Emotionally strong people know that holding on to anger for long does not solve any problem.  If you feel rejected then so be it; wait for the next best opportunity. Who did not get rejected before they made it big? It is important to heal ourselves emotionally after each rejection.

Negative Emotions need to be tackled
Good Reminders-Move past the Pain 

Our emotional health determines the quality of our life. We need to make these changes inside so that our reality in the outside world changes. Emotional well being and Happiness are closely linked. Practice the above tips that will make you happy and improve your emotional well being. 

‘Mood is the background against which we work. It is the landscape against which our mind and body functions, and the foundations of our mental life.’ - Liz Miller, British Physician

Happy emotional Well Being and Strive for a Joyful life!