Sports Medicine has progressed considerably in last decade. It has moved from just treatment of injuries to prevention of injuries. We at Orthosports has taken it be step further. We help you enhance your sports performance. This is made possible because we understand how your whole body works when you play any game. We know what role individual muscle plays and how they work in groups in perfect harmony. 

We re-create this perfect co-ordination required to produce a perfect throw or make a fast run etc. Not only this improves your performance. It prevents you from getting injured. To play a game efficiently needs flawless transmission of movement and power along the kinetic chain of body. Even a seemingly strong body can have bad coordination in kinetic chain due to weakness of one or two muscle. We identify this weak link in your chain and strengthen it. So that energy of movement and power flow seamlessly when you play and you can beat even the giants.

The kinetic chain starts from your lower limbs, runs up through your pelvis then spine then through the shoulder blades (scapulae), to your arms, forearms and hand. So when you throw your ball your lower limb, your spine, your shoulder blades, your rotator cuff and your forearm muscles have to be smoothly functioning as well as well co-ordinated. Any break in that link will not only reduce your performance but also lead to injuries to your joints and muscles.

Though every person is different, there are certain basic rules that every athlete must follow.

  • Follow an exercise program to strengthen the muscles
  • Gradually increase your exercise level and avoid overdoing the exercise. Have adequate period of rest.
  • Make sure that you perform warm up and cool down exercises before and after sports activity. Exercises will help to stretch the muscles, increase flexibility, and reduce soft tissue injury
  • Maintain a healthy diet
  • Avoid playing when you are injured or tired. Take frequent breaks
  • Learn all the rules of the game you are participating in
  • Ensure that you are physically fit to play the sport

You must undergo a thorough evaluation before you start any sport. It helps find the weak link and treat it so that your injury is prevented.