Medication has been an integral part of healing of the body. Medication is prescribed after taking detailed history of the patient. Some sciences like homoeopathy take elaborate history before medicating the patient. However, with time and the advent of modern diagnostics, doctors have lost the ability to draw a sense of the purpose of medication.

Medication is advised to the patient with a singular purpose of increasing the body's ability to tolerate the symptom it is experiencing. Simultaneously, dietary regimentation and adequate rest and appropriate psychological and emotional support help the body heal. As the body heals, medication has to be withdrawn. Medication must to be treated as a cure. The body heals itself when an external agent is given to support the body's self healing ability.

Today, doctors advise long term medication and sometimes, medication for life. In such situations, alternate methods including practices such as Yoga, pranayama, meditation and certain psychological and spiritual practices must also be explored to help the body-mind-emotion heal.

My ongoing studies with cancer patients using meditation and certain psychological and spiritual practices are showing encouraging signs where the tests reveal a reduction in cancer cells. More studies are required and with a large group before we can clearly state that this symptom can be reversed.