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Homeopathy the Deep Resonances

Dr. S Bahl, Homeopath
In HealthIn the healthy condition of a person, the vital force, the dynamis that animates the material body (organism), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable harmonious, vital operation, as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling, mind can freely employ this living healthy instrument for the higher purpose( Organon Aphorism 9)SpiritualitySpirit is unique to each individual. Our “spirit” usually refers to the deepest part of us, the part that lets us make meaning of our world. Our spirit provide us with the revealing sense of who we are, why we are here and what our purpose for living is. It is that innermost part of us that allow us to gain strength and hope.Finding MeaningSpiritual wellness may not be something that we think much of, yet its impact on our life is unavoidable. The basis of spirituality is discovering a sense of meaningfulness in our life and coming to know that we have a purpose to fulfill.For some, spirituality may be equated with traditional religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam or Buddhism. For others, it may mean growing in your personal relationships with others, or through being at peace with nature. Spirituality is the way you find meaning, hope, comfort and inner peace in your life. Many people find spirituality through religion. Some find it through music, art or a connection with nature. Others find it in their values and principles.Body, Mind, SpiritNo one really knows for sure how spirituality is related to health. However, it seems that the body, mind and spirit are connected. The health of any one of these elements seems to affect the health of the others. In Homeopathy, we understand that:“DISEASE IS NOTHING BUT A DYNAMIC DERANGEMENT OF THE SPIRITUAL, SELF ACTING (automatic) ALL PERVADING VITAL FORCE.”HomeopathyIf we focus on the fundamental peculiarities of homeopathy and its differences from conventional, allopathic medicine, then homeopathy differs in it's understanding as to the goal of treatment. Homeopathy does not address or seek to eliminate physical signs and symptoms but instead understands them to be expressions of the vital force.In homeopathy we are not trying to manipulate physiology, change high fever to low, eliminate pain, swelling or redness. We are not even trying to eliminate anger, anxiety or sadness. Our ideal is "to restore health rapidly, gently, permanently." Therefore, to achieve complete health harmony, we don’t have any other alternative, except Homeopathy.

Recurrent Infections in Children - Homeopathy to the Rescue

Dr. Mahesh M, Homeopath
Cold, cough, fever, blocked nose, breathing with mouth all the time, antibiotics twice a month, decreased appetite and a restless, listless child... I am sure you are worried sick if your child has one of these or more problems. Somewhere you are aware of a feeling that this isn't right, all the medicines you are pumping into that delicate body. But what else to do? First, understand what is happening to your child. What is normal and whether your child’s reactions and problems are within normal limits. It is normal for a child till the age of 5 years to fall sick once or twice a year. Thrice is still permissible. Anything more than that comes under the category of frequent infections. Secondly, once a child has cold and cough, the fever must rise to a good 102 to 103 degrees and then within a couple of days the child must be fine again. Also, there must not be any remnants of the cold and cough in between these episodes. The child must feed well, sleep peacefully and wake up fresh and be raring to go. If this is not what happens with your not, then the child is suffering a low immunity. Typically people will tell you that these problems will go away by the time the child is 5. Observe closely what happens. In most cases, the recurrent infections will give way to a deeper chronic problem such as asthma. So the problem isn't going anywhere but inside.Homeopathy is a true solution in these cases because while the child is not afraid of the doctor and will actually want to take the medicines we give. It is gentle and does not cause any unwanted effects on the child - even newborns. That apart, the main reason to give homeopathy to children with repeated infections is that it builds their immune system and lays a foundation for a strong body and chemical free constitution. Appetite improves and the child develops all round. Think about it. After all, today the biggest challenge to us is to keep ourselves free of all the noxious elements in the environment without us adding to it voluntarily. In such a scenario, homeopathy is your handy tool. Gift your child the freedom of health.

Homeopathy In Detail

Dr. Satish Erra, Homeopath
Homeopathy is not a miracle medicineMany people believe that homeopathy is a miracle science, it can make magical cure in even most incurable diseases such as cancer, comatose stages, paralysis, etc. Actually, it is not. Homeopathy is simple a science based on certain laws (law of similars, comparable with that of vaccinations) with its own scope and limitations. There are rules, parameters and methods of application, which determine the scope of treatment.Homeopathy is very effective but please do not expect magic or miracles.Homeopathy is not a panacea:One of the myths about homeopathy is that it is a cure for all, a panacea. It is not. Homeopathy enjoys all the joys of scope of its application, as well as the limitations of the science. No medical science can be a panacea.           Homeopathy can cure early stages of Rheumatoid arthritis but not the deformities, which go with it, as an example.Homeopathy is not just the mind-based medicine:One of the hardest concepts about homeopathy is that homeopathy is based largely on the understanding of the mind. The homeopathic fraternally is also not fully saved of this mis-belief. The study of the mental attitudes, the emotions and the mind-set is one of the important aspects of patient-study in homeopathy. However, it is not the sole determining factor.Many homeopaths, especially in the western world, have a delusion that homeopathy is almost identical with mind-medicine. Homeopathy study encompasses, actually, the disease, the nature of pathology, the kind of immunological or hormonal changes, the physical components (perspiration, thermal preference, sleep, etc) and the mental sphere: all or most of them put together, depending on the case.Homeopathy is more than Psychosomatism:Many homeopaths tend to relate disease or pathology in patients to some emotional parameter, almost always as cause and effect phenomenon. For example, diabetes due to stress in relationship or arthritis due to grief due to death of a loved one, etc. Psychosomatism is profoundly comprehended and valued in homeopathy, however, not necessarily as a causal phenomenon, but more as a part of the totality. There is no need to forcibly connect major emotions as the cause for development of every disease in all patients.Homeopathy is not spiritual:Since homeopathy is based on potentised (incredibly minute) dose of the physical substance, which cannot be measured with the current scientific methods, many have theorized and connected homeopathy with spirituality. It seems interesting to read some correlation between the two, however, it may be detrimental for the growth of homeopathy if taken away from science and towards spirituality. Comparing ‘vital force’ with ‘sole’ and miasms with ‘Buddhism’ will take homeopathy away from scientific growth.Homeopathy is not-yet-fully-understood science, so, to some it might look like some form of spirituality.Homeopathy is not placebo therapy:The skeptics have always criticized homeopathy as placebo therapy, due to lack of adequate research as per modern medicine guidelines. Since the results using homeopathic medicines are fairly reproducible, measurable and documentable, I would strongly say that homeopathy is far beyond placebo therapy.Homeopathy is not faith healing:Next label from skeptics is that homeopathy is nothing but faith healing. Homeopathy has worked million times for those who did not believe in it. Also, babies, domestic and wild animals, respond to homeopathy, proving homeopathy to be more than placebo therapy.Cases of Hepatitis C, for example, where objective parameter such as drastic reduction in viral load after homeopathic medicines, is very hard to achieve with faith healing.I suggest, the skeptics should try out homeopathy.Homeopathy is not necessarily ‘single remedy’ magic:The homeopathic professionals have been taught to be dogmatic about the use of ‘single remedy’ at a time, for all patients, all the time. It is very hard to break this fixity and evolve from this rigid shell, which even the father of homeopathy, Dr Hahnemann, could not outgrow in his time. The homeopaths tend to be either emotional when it comes to talking about the use of more remedies in a give case or shy away from discussing about it. The profession has yet to enter into a scientific discussion about so-called poly-pharmacy (multiple medicines).No complex case be cured using a single remedy forever, barring only a few exceptions. I deal with very severe pathologies such as Ulcerative colitis, Ankylosing spondylitis, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Nephrotic Syndrome, etc., where it is not possible to administer a single remedy and wait. Every delay could be detrimental and not justified.Homeopathy is not just ‘single dose’ therapy:‘Single remedy, single dose’ are the magic phrases found in homeopathic textbooks, no more relevant in today’s medical practice. I have practiced the said phrases very religiously for over a decade and half and have evolved from the dogmatism.Sticking to the idea of single remedy and single dose could even lead to criminal intransigence.Homeopathy is not dream-based treatment:Some teachings have led to create a cloud of delusion amongst some homeopaths, which believe that the practice of homeopathy can be based on the understanding of patient’s dreams. Study of dreams is one of the twenty odd parameters in homeopathy, one of the most unreliable, indeed. Its importance should not be over emphasized.Most treatments do not lead to suppression:Over importance to the theory of suppression of diseases in homeopathy is misleading, very often. Yes, use of immuno-suppressive medicines such as corticosteroids, etc., leads to suppression of immune system, eventually taking the disease to deeper levels. This is very well understood in homeopathic philosophy.However, extension of the concept of suppression, whereby some believe that anti-fever (paracetamol, Tylenol), pain killers, antibiotics, always lead to suppression and must always be avoided. This is not true, in my opinion. This calls for scientific debate.Homeopathy is not that slow:The proponents of homeopathy claim that homeopathy is not slow. Actually, this is partly true and partly not. Homeopathy is not slow in chronic diseases. It relatively slow in acute diseases and could be very slow in the treatment of critical diseases.Homeopathy is not very fast acting medicineHomeopathy is not very fast, either. Let me be honest. Homeopathy is neither very fast nor very slow. We need research   to make homeopathy faster, I would say.Homeopathy is not simply ‘constitutional medicine':Any contradiction to concept of the constitutional medicine is a potential trigger for third world war, amongst homeopaths at least. After twenty-five years of intense homeopathic practice, I believe that the ‘constitutional medicine’ is a hype created in the profession. It calls for a review and re-evaluation. It is a huge topic, cannot be discussed in length here.In brief, I would say, all cases may not find a constitutional medicine and can still be treated with success.Homeopathy is not suitable for all acute and critical diseases:One school of thought is that homeopathy can cure each a every acute and critical disease such as cerebral malaria, bacterial meningitis, acute renal failure, severe pneumonia, acute myocardial infection (heart attack), and the like.I strongly opine that it is not true. Homeopathy is a science having a limitation whereby severe acute and critical disease situations cannot be consistently treated with success. Please read the word ‘consistently’ with emphasis. Success with some cases, on some occasions, may not be enough. The results have to be comparable with the modern medicine, in order that we ethically claim success of homeopathy in severely acute and critical illnesses.Every disease is not curable, even if the remedy is right.Many people and some homeopaths believe that if symptoms of the patient match with some medicines, every disease becomes curable. In other words, if the medicine selection is perfect, the cure is certain, irrespective of the nature of the disease. This is not true. The curability of any disease depends on several factors such as:1. Nature of the disease. For example, hepatitis (inflammation of liver) may be curable, while cirrhosis (scarring) of liver is not curable.2. Extent of pathological change. For example, a fewer patches of Alopecia Areata (hair loss patches) are curable but, total hair loss (Alopecia totalis) is not curable.3. Reversibility of the disease process and outcome. Inflammatory arthritis can be helped but Osteoarthritis (bony overgrowth) cannot be reversed.4. Selection of the correct homeopathic remedies. Homeopathy is not beyond the modern medical science:The well-evolved medical knowledge acquired by medical science is very much required for the evolution of homeopathy. Homeopathy does not claim to be beyond the modern medical science. In fact, it is high time to understand that homeopathy and medical science are not distinctly different as far as the ‘medicine’ is concerned. They are not contrary but complementary and collaborating, belonging to the same medical science.Homeopathy is not against the modern medicine:Some may believe that ‘modern medicine’ and homeopathy against each other, contrary, kind of enemies! I have always wondered, how such concepts have grown in the minds of medicos, homeopaths and lay-people. Homeopathy is just a science, a part of medical science.If we look at the evolution of engineering sciences, do we believe that computer engineering is contrary to the electronics, mechanical engineering opposing to electrical or civil engineering? Not really. They all are complementing each other. Why don’t we have maturity when it comes to medical sciences?Homeopathy is not against surgery:One of the myths among laypeople, modern medicos, as well as the surgeons is that homeopathy is against surgery. Surgery is a part of homeopathy. Surgery is a science and art by itself. Surgery is neither a property of modern medicines nor of homeopathy. It has to be understood that homeopathy is a therapeutic method of treating diseases in certain manner. Surgery is a method of treating diseases in a different manner, without medicines. Both are complementary to each other. Precisely, therefore, the homeopathic training in India trains every homeopath for basic surgery, at undergraduate level, as much as it trains a modern medico. Every qualified homeopath in India is a physician and a surgeon. This is not a case in the western world, though.While evaluating what homeopathy is all about, it would be equally important to understand what homeopathy is not. I hope this piece of article will stimulate many.

Homeopathic Treatment for Hypothyroidism

Dr. Gayathri B N, Homeopath
Hypothyroidism is a condition in which there is a deficiency of thyroid hormones in the body. Hypo means under or below or less. Therefore, hypothyroidism means an underactive thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is responsible for the release of the thyroid hormones and an underactive thyroid causes lack of thyroid hromones in the body.Location and function of Thyroid gland:To be able to understand this disease, one must know what thyroid gland is and what are the functions of the hormones that are released by the thyroid gland. Thyroid gland is a small butterfly shaped gland situated just below the Adam’s apple and above the place where the two collar bones meet. One cannot feel a normal thyroid. It is only when the thyroid gland gets enlarged that one can feel it. The one and only function of the thyroid gland is to produce thyroid hormones. These thyroid hormones regulate the metabolism of the whole body. The metabolism of the body is the process which indicates the way the body uses energy.Causes of HypothyroidismIn areas where Iodine is adequate, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is the most common cause of hypothyroidism.     Thyroiditis means inflammation of the thyroid gland. Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is an autoimmune disorder,     which means that the problem occurs when the natural immunity of the body starts attacking the body      organs or systems itself instead of protecting them from foreign invaders.Viral infections or other respiratory disorders may also sometimes cause hypothyroidism.Certain medicines may also cause hypothyroidism. A medicine called lithium used to treat psychiatric disorders has been known to cause hypothyroidism.Radiation therapy for some cancers may also induce hypothyroidism.Treating hyperthyroidism with anti-thyroid medicine can also cause a shift from hyperthyroidism to hypothyroidism.Some people may be born with an underactive thyroid glandIn some cases, the hypothyroidism develops during pregnancy.Causes of HypothyroidismFatigue- the patient feels tired and fatigued easily. The stamina for work goes down and is unable to work his or her normal routine.Obesity or weight gain- the patient starts gaining weight despite eating little. In some cases, the weight gain may not happen but the patient finds it difficult to lose weight even after keeping a strict exercise and diet regimen.Dryness of skin - the skin of the patient remains dry and roughHair loss- hairfall is often seen and may be quite easily noticed by patients.Constipation- the bowel movements are also altered and one feels constipated or unable to pass stool easily.Depression-one tends to feel low and depressed for no rhyme or reason. Even if one does not have any problem in life, one feels sad and low.Disturbed menses- in females the menstrual cycle gets disturbed. The periods may be scanty or delayed.Irritability- there is increased irritability and one gets irritated at triflesTreatment -AllopathyThe mainstay of Allopathic system of medicine is to keep providing thyroid hormones artificially for the rest of the life of the patient. The deficient thyroid hormones are supplied on a daily basis. This practice of giving thyroid hormones on a daily basis has some major disadvantages. On the one hand, this forces the patient to keep taking medicines for the whole of their lives. This is not only costly but cumbersome too. At the same time, it breeds a sense of illness in the patient when the medicine is to be taken lifelong.Treatment -HomeopathyThe best option remains that of Homeopathy. I can confidently say from my experience in Homeopathic practice that Homeopathy is best holistic therapy for hypothyroidism. Homeopathic medicines have been known to correct the imbalance in the thyroid hormones in a very mild and subtle manner.  The homeopathic medicines for hypothyroidism are purely natural in origin and have no side effects at all. They are able to improve the functioning of the thyroid gland permanently. Once cured, one has no need to take medicines and can live a disease free as well as medicine free life.

Psoriasis: Tailor Made Homeopathic Solution

Healing Harmony Homeopathic Clinic, Homeopath
A 28yrs, male came to us with the chief complaint of Psoriasis since last 15 yrs with acute exacerbation since last 2 weeks. He has visited several dermatologists and taken allopathic medicines and topical ointments including steroids. His psoriasis started with small eruptions on legs and back for which he started taking treatment from leading dermatologists. He felt better with the allopathic treatment temporarily.  But the eruptions recurred on new body parts andeach time it relapsed with more intensity. He has typical psoriatic eruptions- dry, scaly patches on the back, abdomen, elbows, eye brows, legs up to the knee, ankle, feet.  Skin is cracked which bleeds on itching.He also complaints of gaseous distension, weakness and frequent colds.In homeopathy disease is not just sum of few symptoms or a “label of diagnosis”, but the disturbances at energy level,mind and body level. In a nutshell, homeopathic science analyses every individual having an illness rather than the illness of an individual; medicines are “patient-specific” and not “disease-specific”Below is a brief summary of the history provided during history taking:He is tired of taking treatment as his complaints keep recurring. He says, he has to invest so much money and there is no permanent solution to it.He feels worthless, humiliated with the eruptions all over his body. He says “is bimari ki log tarah tarah ki baatein karate hai, mujhe choot ki bimari hai aisa sochate hai, har aadami mujhe chaat raha hai, mujhe apamanit feel hota hai.Kisiki juban thodi pakad sakate hai” (People talk bad things about these patches, that it is contagious, they treat me like untouchable and I feel insulted)He feels disrespected when he goes to meet people for work or within family. He says I have to wear shirt with full sleeves to cover up the patches. It is noteworthy to mention that the patient is an agent/ does labour work in iron industry. However, his talks are about big things. He has always spoken about very famous and experienced dermatologistsfrom whom he has taken treatment and how much consultation fees he has spent. His talks are philosophical and big.According to him he is running his boss’s business. He talks a lot about money, business. Even during follow-ups he came up with ideas of making money, growing business. He also did bargain with us in our consultation fees!After an in-depth analysis patient was prescribed Sulphur 6C in infrequent repetitions and was under treatment for over 1 year. All his other medicines and ointments were stopped at the commencement of homeopathic treatment. Patient was advised to keep his skin hydrated with coconut oil. Patient had a couple of exacerbations during the entire duration of treatment, however, the intensity and duration became better as the treatment progressed. Patient responded immediately after the treatment with initial reduction in scales, cracks and finally the itching and entire eruptions.Patient is asymptomatic over last 1 year and is currently off treatment.Note: The treatment in homeopathy is very individualistic and holistic which means it is patient centric and not disease centric. Sulphur should not be used in all cases of psoriasis unless indicated.based on patient’s physical and mental make-up.

Choose Homeopathy Rather Than Surgery for Your Child's Adenoids!!

Ms. Vineeta Goel, Homeopath
Adenoids are lymph tissue mass that are located in the pharynx just behind nose. They act as a protective barrier to infections entering respiratory tract. They trap harmful germs that enter through mouth or nose and also produce antibodies to fight infection. Adenoids become less significant as the body develops immunity with growing up; they become smaller and gradually disappear. They cause no symptoms by the time your child reaches his or her teenage years. Adenoids can swell up again in adulthood because of infection, but this isn’t commonADENOIDITISBacterial or viral infections can cause inflammation and swelling of adenoids resulting in condition called adenoiditis.They can block your child’s nose and throat. If both your child's adenoids and tonsils are enlarged, it may make it more difficult to breathe or swallowThis particularly affects more when child is asleep, causing snoring or may temporarily  sleep apnoeastop breathing for a few seconds, calledThey can also block or cover the tubes that join the nose to the ear (the Eustachian tubes). These tubes help to drain fluid from your child’s ears and keep the right amount of pressure in the ears. If they stop working properly, your child may have hearing problems or develop an ear infectionIt can also cause sinusitis in some childrenSYMPTOMS OF ENLARGED ADENOIDS•    Sore throat•    Stuffy nose•    Swollen glands in the neck•    Ear pain and other ear problems•    When the nose is stuffy, breathing through it can be a challenge. Other symptoms of adenoiditis related to nasal congestion include:Breathing through the mouthSpeaking with a nasal sound, as if you are speaking with a pinched nose. Trouble in producing certain letter like “M”Difficulty sleepingSnoring or sleep apnea (a condition where you stop breathing for a short amount of time during sleep)COMPLICATIONS OF ADENOIDITISBreathing problems and sleep apnea may result in incomplete sleep which in turn leads to tiredness all day long, behavior problem, short attention span etc. Regular ear infection can cause glue ear and hearing loss. Severe hearing loss can affect child’s speech and understanding. It can also affect the behavior and child’s performance at school.PREVENTION•    Nutritious diet and good ventilation helps us to prevent infections•    Avoid cold and acidic drinks•    Avoid tinned food items with preservatives, sauces, packed juices etc.•    Avoid cold damp and overcrowded placesTREATMENTConventional medicine treats adenoids either by managing symptoms or going for adenoidectomyWHY SURGERY SHOULD BE AVOIDEDAdenoids as well as tonsils form the first line of defense against germs entering through respiratory tract. Their removal makes our body more susceptible to recurrent respiratory infections. So, even after surgery, immunity against infections may remain low.HOMEOPATHY HAS THE SOLUTIONHomeopathy can completely reverse the inflammation and enlargement of glands without surgery. It strengthens the immune system of the body so that recurrent infections are resisted. It provides painless relief with easily palatable pills. The treatment is tailor made where the medicine is prescribed according to personality of the individual. It provides safe and effective solution to cure enlarged adenoids and tonsils.The treatment works in two stages- Primarily, it treats the acute complaints and discomfort; then it strengthens immune system to tackle recurrent respiratory infections. Adenoids shrink back in due course of time in safe, gentle and natural way.So, go for Homeopathy to ensure a comfortable childhood for your kid!

The Scope of Homeopathy in Various Auto Immune Diseases

Dr. Rangadhar Satapathy, Homeopath
The environment where we live is packed with various harmful agents like bacteria, virus, allergy inducing particles (antigens), chemicals, dusts, pollutants etc. Every moment they are entering inside our body either through the air that we breathe or foods or drinks that we take or through skin by contact with. Inside our body there is a defence unity called body immune system that consist of various immune cells.Those immune cells of our immune system acts like well trained shoulders at the situation whenever any foreign particles like virus, bacteria or harmful substance enter inside our body they fight with them to kill and protect our body and cells from their attack. So every moment our immune cells are engaged in searching and fighting with the foreign substances to keep our body safe and healthy.BUT, sometimes our immune system get confuse to recognize between our own cell and outer foreign particles and start attacking our own cells thinking of foreign particle by which some health issues are developed. This is called auto immune disease. There are as many as 80 types of autoimmune diseases. Some common auto immune diseases areRheumatoid arthritis - inflammation of joints and surrounding tissuesleucoderma (vitiligo) - white patches on the skinPsoriasis - a skin condition that causes redness and irritation as well as thick, flaky,silver-white patchesSLE - affects skin, joints, kidneys, brain, and other organsCeliac sprue - a reaction to gluten (found in wheat, rye, and barley) that causes damage to the lining of the small intestineInflammatory bowel disease - a group of inflammatory diseases of the colon and small intestineType 1 diabetes - destruction of insulin producing cells in the pancreasSjögren’s syndrome - destroys the glands that produce tears and saliva Pernicious anemia- decrease in red blood cells caused by inability to absorb vitamin B-12WHY THE AUTO IMMUNE DISEASES OCCURIn medical science it does not have any specific cause why it occurs. But there certain factors that may responsible for developing auto immune diseases.Many clinical surveys say that the environmental factor plays a major role in developing various auto immune diseases. Now a days our environment has changed a lot. Everywhere there is pollution. The airs, water, foods all are polluted. 50 years ago there were not so many types of auto immune diseases. The atmosphere was not so polluted like present age. During those period peoples were taking healthy foods not so  much adulterated foods. The air was clean not so much polluted like present day. So as the science and technology develops side by side brings lots of negative things. The pollution level rises. The ozone level is gradually decreasing in the air. The water level is gradually decreasing. There has been a lot of changes in the atmosphere in compare to the past few decades years back. Not only in the external world the changes is marked inside us. Our stress level has increased a lot. Our though process has changed a lot. Our work style has changed a lot. Our mind setup has changes a lot. Our perception towards a subject has been changed a lot. The positiveness and positive attitude has been decreased a lot. Our anxiety, fear, stress, level has increased in compare to past age. The attitude of a person has changed. Anger, irritability, greedy, intolerance attitude has been increased. Physical activities have reduced a lot. In fact the whole things have been changed from external world to our internal world drastically in the course of time. But our body, our organs, our cells are same as millions year back, working the same function like before. The changing of environment, the changing of emotional level, the changing of psychological level putting tremendous negative impact on our body, in our cells specifically in our immune endocrine system. So our innocent simple reacting immune system has been disturbed and acting abnormally as a result so many auto immune diseases are creating and destroying the human society. This is the real threat now in the medical science to cure the auto immune disease as because there is no treatment has been discovered to cure a auto immune disease except managing the symptoms for temporarily basis.Scope of Homeopathy Treatment- In this regards homeopathy has a prospective role of treatment in the auto immune disease as because homeopathy treatment is not only based on the disease symptoms alone but the person’s psychological and emotional symptoms also taken care which are otherwise known as the root trigger factors for the development of the disease. Every individual has its own trigger factors either in his psychological level or emotional level or physical level or genetic level. Homeopathy treatment finds the thread of root cause of the triggers factors and treat accordingly, thus helps to bring back the equilibrium of the body’s immune system in a natural way to normal state thus may help to cure the auto immune diseases. For example a person of having psychological trauma in past life like death of any of his/her nearest or dearest one and that makes him/her to a depressive state and in the course of time develops irritability and after a few years develops psoriasis. So a homeopath takes the detail symptoms not only about the psoriasis symptoms of the person but his/her past life event of any psychological trauma and his/her present irritability nature and basing on all those symptoms the medicine is choose and if given can able to cure the disease. So there are not same set of medicines for a particular disease which can be repeated for every patient. But at the same time the general management therapy whatever is required for the patient should be kept continued along with homeopathy treatment.

Homeopathy Treatment for Heel Pain (Plantar Fascitis)

Dr. Rangadhar Satapathy, Homeopath
Plantar Fascitis (heel pain) is now a common problem among people. In gender ratio, it occurrs in women than men. This occurs when the plantar fascia gets inflamed due to over stress. The pain is usually more on first putting the step after along resting position, early morning when waking from bed, stretching the feet upwards. In some cases the pain is so severe can’t able to put the heel on floor when rising from a sitting position.The  triggers factors that causes plantar fasciitis are long standing posture on a hard surface, obesity, excessive pressure on foot etc.The plantar fascia is a thick flat band of tissue (ligament) that originate from the heel bone to the base of toes. It supports the arch of your foot. Actually the plantar fasciitis as it is named not an inflammatory condition of plantar fascia. It is a non inflammatory micro tear of the fascia result from over stress on its surface.  There is also calcification of fibrous tissues of plantar fascia. Management with Homeopathy treatment:Try to avoid prolong standing posture on any hard surface. In case of women, they usually do cooking and other house hold work standing for a long periodds. In this case it is advisable not to stand for a long period and give break for few minutes. Otherwise they can use silicon pads inside the shoes. Though in our tradition the shoes not allowed inside the kitchen, but a silicon pad packed shoe can be kept only for using inside kitchen.To relieve pain you can apply both ice and warm application alternately. Keep two tub, in one tub fill with cold water and in other one warm water. Dip your foot first in warm water tub for 1 to 2 minutes then remove out and put in cold water tub for 1-2 minutes. Do it 5 to 6 times daily before going to bedHomeopathic medicines- Common homeopathic medicines that help in plantar fascitis are Rhus tox, Ruta,  calc flour, arnica, calcarea carb, silicea, calcarea phos etc. Some exercises to relieve pain:Toe exercise- Sit in a chair, and extend your affected leg so that your heel is on the floor. With your hand pull your big toe up and back. Pull toward your ankle and away from the floor. Hold the position for at least 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat 2 to 4 times a session, several times a day.Calf exercise- Stand facing a wall with your hands on the wall at about eye level.Put the leg you want to stretch about a step behind your other leg. Keeping your back heel on the floor, bend your front knee until you feel a stretch in the back leg. Hold the stretch for 15 to 30 seconds.Repeat 2 to 4 times.Towel stretch- Place a rolled towel under the ball of your foot, holding the towel at both ends. Gently pull the towel toward you while keeping your knee straight. Hold this position for 15 to 30 seconds.

Dengue, Chickungunya and Homeopathy.

Dr. Manu Gupta, Homeopath
DENGUE, CHICKUNGUNYA AND HOMEOPATHY.Dengue fever and chickungunya is a virus-caused disease that is spread by the bite of mosquitoes (Aedes-aegypti). This is also known as Break bone fever. the severity of symptoms like bodyaches, joints pain are more in chickenguinya .WHO currently estimates there may be 50–100 million dengue and chickungunya infections worldwide every year. Symptoms: Dengue and chickungunya are not transmitted directly from person-to-person. Its symptoms range from mild fever to fatigue, headache, joint and muscle aches, nausea or vomiting, swollen lymph nodes. In severe cases hemorrhage dengue fever which is characterized by fever, abdominal pain, persistent vomiting, bleeding and breathing difficulty; can be fetal due to blood loss.Treatment: There is no specific treatment available in Orthodox medicine for such conditions. You will need Intravenous fluids and electrolytes if there are signs of dehydration. In case of dengue hemorrhagic fever a transfusion of fresh blood or platelets can be helpful.Prevention: Clothing, mosquito repellent, and netting can help reduce exposure to mosquitoes. Traveling during periods of minimal mosquito activity can also be helpful.Homeopathic management: Homeopathy has been used successfully in the others countries such as India to tackle this epidemic. The selection of homoeopathic remedies depends upon the individual response to infection. In repertory there are about 25 homoeopathic remedies are mention for the treatment of dengue and chickungunya fever. Above all of them Eupatorium perfoliatum and Echinacea angustifolia were found most effective remedies for dengue fever and it has been widely used in 1996 during epidemic of dengue in Delhi.Prevention and Treatment with HomeopathyNormal Dengue and chickungunya Fever: Eupatorium perf 200 or 1M can be taken once daily for three days and subsequently at least two doses a week at the interval of three to four day till the epidemic persist for the prevention of dengue fever. Furthermore Arsenic alb + Bryonia + Echinacea angustifolia + Ledum pal + Rhus tox in 30 potency should be taken once in a day for at least 2 weeks.In case of high Fever: Take Aconite 1M and Eupatorium 1M alternatively, after every 30 minutes immediately on start fever. Just take 3 doses of each remedy. If the symptoms persist then contact your homeopath or your physician. Above mention formula can also be use in case of normal dengue fever with more frequent intervals.Dengue haemorrhagic fever: Ipecac + Eupatorium + Crotalis-hor + Hamamelis + Dengue fever 30 can be given five times a day and two doses a week in all the patients those who have already suffered with the dengue fever and are prone for dengue hemorrhagic fever.There are very good preventive medicines also available which are helpful in immunity booster and help to prevent such complications. you can contact your Homeopathy physician regarding that also.

Homeopathy Treatment for Allergy

Dr. Rangadhar Satapathy, Homeopath
An allergy is the hyper immune reaction of a person to some proteins in our environment, such as those found in pets, dust mites, pollens, food proteins which though normally harmless for other person. In other words the immune system of an allergic persons is hypersensitive to some substances whereas the same substances does not put any impact on the immune system of a normal person when do expose to them. In our daily life we are exposing lot of foreign substances in the form of chemicals,pollutants, dusts, viruses, pollens, some food proteins which act as an antigen or allergens. Those antigens or allergens when enters inside body our immune cells recognize them and eliminate them out. Our immune cells like T cells (Tlymphocyte) and B cells (B lymphocytes) play the major role to perform this task.  In a normal person when those antigen or allergen enter inside the body the immune system eliminate them without reacting anyway, but an allergic person of hypersensitive immune system reacts to those substances vigorously. A person of hypersensitive immune system,the B cells induces the inflammatory tissue reaction called allergic reaction when comes in contact to those antigens or allergens. The B cells of a sensitized immune system when detect any such foreign protein or antigen produce certain substances called IgE antibody. In our body there are some cells called mastcells. Those mast cells contain some granules called histamine and heparin. Aroundthe surface of mast cells numerous receptor are found called FC receptors towhich the IgE antibody binds. When any allergen invade the body the B cell identifiesthe invader and produces antibodies IgE those flows and attach with the FCreceptor of mast cell surface. The antigen or allergen further binds with thoseIgE antibodies over mast cell surface. This way of antigen and antibodyfixation stimulate the mast cell to releases the histamine content around thetissues. Those histamines when comes in contact to the surrounding tissue bindsto the histamine receptors present over the tissue surface and startsdeveloping allergic reactions. The symptoms of sneezing, runny nose, rednessand itching of eyes nose are nothing but the outcomes result of histamine andtissue reaction. So here the conventionaltreatment helps to check the allergic symptoms by blocking the histaminereceptor so the histamine cannot find the space to bind the tissue surface sothe allergic reaction does not take place.   But thosemedications give a short term effect of few hours.   Again when the person exposes to thoseallergens stats developing same symptoms and need the same medication again tostop the reaction. As we have to live in the same environment so it is quite difficultto keep away us from those allergens at all. So for a long term curative treatment,it is required to rectify the hypersensitiveness nature of the immune system ofthe allergic person so that he will not react adversely even when exposing tothe same allergens which he was reacting earlier.The homeopathy medicines help in this regards by rectifying or modifying the sensitive nature of the immune system of an allergic persons. It is because homeopathy medicines are not only selected from the clinical symptoms of any disease but also from the physical,mental, psychological and emotional features of a person for selection of medicines so it give impact on all systems of the body  including immune system. That’s the way it helps to modify the hypersensitive nature immune system of an individual to perform normal way like a healthy person. Homeopathy treatment for allergy gives wonderful result to the patients to prevent as well as cure the allergic constitution permanently.