Homeopathy has been used worldwide in the past to handle pandemics and epidemics very effectively. Dr. Hahnemann first applied Homoeopathic remedies for the treatment of epidemics in 1799 during the Scarlet fever epidemic. Dr. Hahnemann used as a curative as well as a preventive remedy for the entire town of Konigslutter in Germany. Homeopathy was successful even during the epidemic of Spanish flu in 1918-19 mortality rate of conventional treatment was 30 to 60%whereas with Homoeopathy it was just 1-2% (more than 28000 cases were treated with Homoeopathy).  

In the recent past too, in Chikungunya, dengue, encephalitis, Japanese encephalitis, and Cholera were successfully managed with Homoeopathy. 

How does Homoeopathy work? 

Homeopathy works to enhance the person’s innate intelligence to fight any possible disease. Every animal has this innate quality to heal itself, humans are the only ones to take medicine to recover from the disease. Homeopathic principals use this fact to guide the body’s intelligence to work towards the improvement of self. The remedies do not fight the disease-causing agent but rather enhance the health quotient of the human body, thus fighting the disease.


The Virus is revealing a new aspect each day, and it’s a known fact that if the enemy is unknown fighting it becomes very difficult, hence Corona is becoming so difficult to treat for the conventional mode of treatment. Whereas, Homoeopathic mode of treatment completely depends upon how an individual has responded to the same stimulus. Each one has a different story unfolding and a Homoeopath catches this story to remind the Human body it's way back to health. Hence, Homoeopathic remedies act deeper in preventing the disease as well as curing it without landing the person in complications.

Use of Homoeopathy in Coronavirus Prevention in India:

 1. "By administering HCQ along with homeopathy, the complications in Covid-19 patients have reduced tremendously." - Dr Purvez Grant, Chief Cardiologist and Chairman of Cardiovascular Services at the Ruby Hospital, Pune. "In fact, there are no complications in any of my patients. Homeopathy and HCQ together have worked positively as all of the 18 patients and nurses don't have respiration problems," he said. Pervez Grant further said that homeopathy increases a person's immunity which helped them fight against viruses and bacteria. "So, combining the two -- allopathy and homeopathy -- we will be able to cure more and more coronavirus patients and this will be the correct line of treatment until the world finds a vaccine.

2. Kolhapur (Maharashtra) to administer homeopathic and Ayurvedic immunity boosters to the elderly.

3. Dr. Mukundan and team distributed Homoeopathic preventive and immune booster medicine Ars alb30c to Salem district Police department.

4. Dehradun, Apr 29 2020, The Uttarakhand government sanctioned Rs 2.48 crore for buying some homeopathy and ayurvedic medicines that can boost corona warriors’ immunity against infection.

5. Kerala Govt Distributes Homeopathy Medicines To 45 Lakh People To Boost Immunity.

6. Govt. of Goa has approved the usage of Homeopathy and other AYUSH medicines.

7. “Homeopathy successfully prevented COVID-19” - Gujarat's Principle Health Secretary. Gujarat Health ministry has given Homoeopathy Immunity Booster medicines to 76,72,000 people.

8. Amitabh Bachchan, a beneficiary of homeopathy, encouraged to see the efforts of the AYUSH Ministry to counter Corona.

9.  Rajiv Bajaj, Managing Director of Bajaj Auto, suggested that homeopathy can be a ray of hope in increasing immunity to help people overcome the novel coronavirus pandemic. As a part of corporate social responsibility, Bajaj Auto has set up a homeopathy center in Pune called Prana, which has distributed 67,000 vials of Camphor 1M. Each vial is enough for a family of 4-5 people. Not only has Bajaj distributed this medicine among his employees and close friends, but police forces in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad police have also accepted and administered their staff with this purported remedial homeopathy medicine. There is around 15,000 police personnel in Pune who are taking this medicine, says Bajaj. Police Commissioner of Pune city told India Today that he has allowed police officials to take this medicine, and surprisingly no police personnel in his jurisdiction has been affected with coronavirus.

10. Government of Andhra Pradesh distributed homeopathic preventive for COVID-19.

11. Telangana Govt Distributes Homeopathic Prophylactic.

International Use of Homoeopathy:

1. Cuba: the entire country has been given Homoeo prophylactic medicine.

2. Italy: Many Homeopaths are treating COVID cases with 1-2% fatality. 

3. Dr. Roger Morrison in the USA is treating COVID positive cases with very good results.   

Homeopathy in Treatment of Covid-19:  

Worldwide many Homoeopaths are treating Covid-19 cases with remarkable success rates.