Is there anyone on planet earth that hasn’t gone through the pangs of the common cold, at least once, or twice, in any given year? None, really.

We all suffer from coughs and colds at one time or another. Sometimes, the symptoms are mild and sometimes they knock us off our feet for days together. The common cold is caused by a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. Symptoms typically appear one to two days after infection and last around a week, varying in type and severity but generally including sneezing, sore throat, runny or blocked nose, cough, headache and sometimes,especially in children, fever.

Unequipped with information about alternative therapies that can be effective for common viral syndromes, some people are simply trying anything from the over the counter products that are available. Adverse side effects and no relief are driving people back to the doctor’s office with the hope of “something else”. 

The Homeopathy Solution

Homeopathy offers a system of healing that is safe for people to use with a bit of understanding about the nature of the homeopathic remedies and about their own nature. It can help to shorten the duration and severity of your cold symptoms, as well as improve how you feel during the process.

Homeopathy does not suppress or quash a cold. It believes in enhancing our immunity and immune response to common cold viruses and infections. Homeopathy is not only therapeutic; it also works as a useful preventative medicine, especially in frequent cold infections. It keeps them at bay and/or reduces their intensity, should they occur.

Remedies may be taken safely by any patient including babies and those taking prescription medications without concerns regarding side-effects or interactions. Because homeopathy takes into account the overall picture – a person’s emotional makeup and general health, the type of illness and specific “modalities” that make the symptoms better or worse – two patients presenting with the same complaint, such as a cold with fever, might very well be given different homeopathic remedies.

A few doses of a suitable homeopathic medicine for colds may be all you need to terminate a cold brought on by exposure to dry, chilly winds, or at the beginning of a cold; or, when there is a strong tendency to catch colds at every change of weather; or, when the temperature changes from hot/warm to cold.