Gout is a condition of the musculoskeletal system characterized by inflammation, redness, mild to severe pain, swelling with tophi deposits in joints, and fibrous tissues which is also called as Gouty Rheumatism and can occur with pre-existing other Arthritic conditions..

It can occur due to: Hereditary factors, Dietary factors like unchecked consumption of fatty, high protein diet, Seafood, non-veg, dairy products, drinks, smoking. Bad lifestyle and less intake of water, no ADL’s too can cause it. Nutritional deficiencies, Low enzymesDiabetes, Obesity, Autoimmune disorders, Hypertension, Liver disorders, Psoriasis, Cancer,  Kidney problems can coexist without. Prolonged usage of certain medications like antibiotics, Steroids.

Its very common in males than females, blame it on more bad habits like smoking and drinking esp beer., supposedly a Rich Man's disease like Diabetes once upon a time.

It occurs n women in menopause and in children and young ones it's very rare.

It generally affects age groups of 25-55yrs 

There are about 1 crore cases per year in India alone.

What actually happens in Gout? There is a normal amount of purines as an end product of protein metabolism that is excreted by the kidneys, the problem is when the protein intake exceeds and the kidneys are overburdened to filter and excrete which they cant. Hence, they form uric acid crystals and get deposited in small joints, mostly toe-Bunionand other interphalangeal, metatarsal joints as nodes involving the tendons, muscle fibers as well causing fibrosis. If tophi or uric acid deposits in kidneys, it can lead to very painful stones there.

Gout, Tophi.
Signs and Symptoms:

Mild to moderate or severe form of pain can be experienced. It can be a sudden onset or continuous mild aches or inflamed feeling in specific deposit tophi points.

There are two types of Gout:

Acute –where it has just started recently and the duration of the problem is less than 6 months with acute severe pain, inflammation, swelling, inability to bend, move particular joint or joints.

Chronic- where it has been there for more than 6 months and has developed more complications and restricted movements with acute sudden attacks of pain, inflammation, and swelling at times leading to deformities in few subjects. 

A physical examination will reveal a pain even on the slightest touch, the tophi areas very hot, red, and swollen. Lab tests show increased or elevated levels of uric acid, protein, immunoglobulins, CRP, Homocysteine,  ANA, abnormal LFT, TEC, Lipid profile, and Renal profile levels. Xrays may show soft tissue swelling and tophi in the affected area.

Prognosis is usually good in acute cases and it can be cured within months. But, in chronic cases, it may take a very long time to resolve.

Treatment: The best would be to take Homeopathy for a permanent cure without any side effects. 

A constitutional remedy would be the most ideal by understanding the 'Causa-Morbi' or root cause of the disease and considering the history of the patient. Understanding why the patient has got into this state and what are the factors responsible for the current condition the patient is in without which the whole purpose of curing the patient would end up like an 'Exercise n futility'. 

Meanwhile, for the localized acute inflammation, pain, and swelling one might resort to RICE-Rest, Ice, Compression, and Exercise. Avoid painkillers as it can cause gastritis in most patients. Still better avoid, Chicken, Fish especially in Nonveg, Drinking Beer, Nuts, Citric acid products, Proteins, Drugs, Smoking, Fat, oily food because" Prevention is better than Cure".