Monsoon brings pleasant climate and spicy food along with plenty of diseases for us. So this is the time to take 'PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE", very seriously. As FLU is very common in monsoon and can easily mix with COVID symptoms, one must be very cautious.

Some diseases are preventable while some turn into fatal without doctors' attention. Most of them are MOSQUITO BORNE. They are- DENGUE, CHICKENGUNYA, and MALARIA. While some are WATER BORNE and FOOD BORNE VIRAL and BACTERIAL INFECTIONS such as TYPHOID, GASTEROENTERITIS, HEPATITIS, etc.

With COVID-19, we have be extra cautious:

  • Maintain hand and respiratory hygiene
  • Wear Mask and maintain social distance
  • Don't eat outside food and water(prevent typhoid, gastroenteritis, hepatitis)
  • Drink lukewarm water and lemon juice (prevents common cold and other Flu symptoms)
  • Sit under sunlight in the morning for half an hour to boost immunity.
  • Use Mosquito Repellents, wear full covering clothes, and growing insect repellent plants like CITRONELLA. Remove STAGNANT WATER in plant pots, coolers, etc. (prevent dengue chickenguniya and malaria).

All above are PREVENTABLE MEASURES and even though you take care sometimes you may get affected, so you must build you IMMUNITY:

1) DIET (Fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs)

2) EXERCISE (includes yoga and meditation)

3)Homeopathic MEDICINE which prevents, CURES and also builds IMMUNITY. Consult a practicing homeopath to take medicines against viral and bacterial infections.