Lets get stronger than the minute invisible creature!

While we doctors were always stressing on building up 'immunity' with Homeopathy, this word has taken a forefront now and become the talk of the world!  

Immunity is the defense mechanism of our body which protects us from foreign invaders or agents that cause diseases. While the virus/bacteria are always there around us all the time, we don't feel its effect until our body stops fighting it naturally, that is when the 'soldiers' of our body are not able to defend the foreign body attacking us. Our body becomes weak when:

a. we have physical stress (that can be seen externally) like an injury or surgery or infection

b. we have mental stress (that cannot be seen but only be felt by the person) like some negative emotional experiences or psychological trauma

Hence, while it is important to keep our body safe and healthy through good food and exercises or yoga, it is also important to keep our mind healthy via meditation and stay positive/happy.....learning to cope up with strained relations, expressing and understanding life in spiritual terms are few ways to do it.

Homeopathy is one such system of treatment where a detailed case analysis by your doctor helps you to express yourself completely which in turn initiates your path to heal yourself, both physically and mentally. Thus, it helps to eradicate the infection/disease smoothly and from the root cause with no side-effects. 

The medicines are actually a natural source of generating power, higher than the disease; so much so, that it even heals you spiritually where you may find good changes in your thoughts, habits or behavior eventually. When a constitutional medicine is given to a patient as per your symptoms and personality, it helps to build up your immunity naturally, not only for your presenting complaints, but also for any future diseases which you may be prone to get.....hence it prevents the disease and makes you stronger to fight further infections too.

Having said this, even if you get the infection by any chance, it will be of decreased intensity and hence has a good prognosis. However, there are certain genetic infections or diseases which may not be due to your physical/mental stress like the one we are facing now. When stronger virus/bacteria attack people in a certain community, they have a tendency to reach deeper into the system causing fear/anxiety and spreading like an epidemic/pandemic due to their similar environmental conditions, food habits, etc.

In such conditions, our general body immunity may not be enough to fight the whole load of the virus which keeps spreading faster in the surrounding. Here when you take preventive medicine or have taken homeopathic treatment in the past for your other ailment, it may work as a shield for you to protect you from getting affected by the organism. While a lot of research is being done on creating a vaccine for such viruses or any new organism coming in, it may help us to build immunity for that particular organism for that time. But it is always better to make our body stronger for any future attacks by any such virus/bacteria which may keep coming in......so building up immunity should be the priority in any case. 

"Happiness is Immunity and Homeopathy is Happiness"

Stay safe, stay healthy!