No means ' No' has become a famous dialogue by Big B and it shows Determination after weighing pros and cons of consequences if 'Yes' is the answer!

It applies to our diets also. Some people do consume High Protein Foods and also take supplements to Build Muscles.

Is this type of diet Healthy?

I am afraid Not.

  • Proteins get utilized better if some carbohydrates are given along with proteins otherwise proteins cause a burden on kidneys which has to filter the by-products of digestion. 
  • Uric acid gets raised and so does Energy levels if a person is Not Oriented with simple routine exercises like walking for long distances and taking plenty of water to help digestion.
  • During Summers, every fruit and vegetable is rich in water eg melons, watermelons, cucumbers, Ghia, Lauki, Tinda etc (avoid frying other seasonal summer vegetables like Bhindi, Karela, Parwal, etc.)
  • Look at this protein-rich food called Sattu, which is a protein for the poor man who does not care about weight being a few kgs high or few grams low due to heavy Dieting!
  • Idli-Samber, Vada Pao, Egg toast (with minimal amounts of pure ghee/butter and no trans fats), Stuffed Vegetable Roti /Parantha, Sattu, etc.

All of above are complete meals for breakfast and do not lead to hunger pangs for at least 4 hours.

There may or may not be weight loss but there will be no gain either and the Brain will function better if the job requires concentration and focus (I feel even the job of a Housewife is as tough as a Computer Scientist).

  • Sattu and Litti are Bihari 'Delicacies' which is basically the diet of labourers but after looking at benefits, all of us want to know the benefits and the reasons for working class always on-the-go but never being at risk of a Cardiac Disease/Diabetes/Asthma/Chronic lifestyle illnesses.
  • Sattu is grounded roasted black gram or chana and it is a balanced combination of digestible proteins and carbohydrates which can be given to people of all age groups from 8-80+.
  • Roasting is one of the healthiest cooking methods. This way the Nutrients remain intact.
  • Consume other ethnic combos on empty stomach during morning hours and never at night.

We should thank the Food Courts in Malls that Regional Ethnic Indian Cuisine is available to us right within the capital and at other places all over India.