There can be multiple reasons of hip pain while driving as hip joint is a very complex joint. It could be due to Arthritis, Bursitis, Muscle Strain and Nerve irritation.

The main reason seen behind this is:

PIRIFORMIS SYNDROME: Piriformis muscle is a muscle situated in the buttocks. it starts at the lower spine and connects the upper surface of the thigh bone to the hip. Any trauma to the buttocks, which can be due to prolonged driving can lead to its inflammation. it can sometimes result in the compression of sciatic nerve.

Other potential sources of pain could be

  • Coccydynia/tailbone pain
  • Sacroiliitis
  • Ischio_gluteal bursitis

The preventive measures that can be taken while driving the car are:

  • Alter seat distance from pedals, the seat height and the backrest angle.
  • Use a pillow for the back supporting the lumbar area. if you are using a pillow, be sure it is snug against the lumbar area.
  • Use a pillow to sit on. it should evenly support the entire thigh. 
  • Remove the wallet from the back pocket, before sitting on the pillow.
  • Avoid driving for a long duration.
  • Limit repeated bending at the hip joint.


A very effective treatment for the piriformis syndrome is the muscle stretching.

Step 1 - Lie on your back.

Step 2 - Bend both your knees.

Step 3 - Cross your right foot over your left knee.

Step 4 - Place both your hands behind the left knee.

Step 5 - Pull the left knee towards your opposite shoulder.

Step 6 - Hold the stretch for at least 20 seconds.

Step 7 - Repeat on the other side if needed.