We care about our physical health and usually oversee our mental health with a taboo stating “I am not crazy”. Understanding mental health effects on our physical well-being and on our life satisfaction in todays fast paced ever-changing world, becomes a crucial part of holistic health. Important fact we need to remember, is Mental health does not confine to severe mental health disorders like Bipolar, Psychosis, Mania, Personality Disorders, Schizophrenia, in fact everyday life difficulties in making decisions, ending up with frequent broken relationships, increased frustrations with family and friends, being indecisive, anxiety, depressive thoughts, decreased interest in fun activities, behavioral problems in children and adolescents, couples related issues post and pre-marital, and many more “Not So Big Issues” comes under one’s mental health. 

Every now and then we get down with common cold and tend to treat us and our loved ones with some or the other effective medications to curb the sickness. However, when it comes to one's mental health we ignore taking care of ourselves. Why do we ignore it and sweep it under the rug? The reason is not being one but many. Sometimes we do not have time to deal with emotional stress, at times we think it is too little of an issue, other times "this is not a problem or sickness". But gradually the longer depressive thoughts or anxiety stays in our system the stronger it becomes and starts to create difficulty in our everyday tasks which we call as (yeh badal gala hai ya yeh badal gayi hai) but never dare to care for ourselves mentally. Sadly, quite often depression can lead to suicide, which in many cases goes undetected. Depression and anxiety also share an essential psychological component — namely, pushing people away from living in the present moment. Individuals with anxiety are continuously worried about the future, while people with depression are often focused on what has happened in the past, explains Patterson, a member of the American Counseling Association. 

Those who deal with depression and anxiety often feel ashamed to to express or open up and seek help. Yet the worst thing is to not seek help and go down the road to severe depression or anxiety. It takes only one step to stop worrying about your past and future (anxiety and depression) and work on your present. So it is high time to break the taboo and come out to seek help when you cannot take it in. Life is not about sucking up stress, emotional imbalance, and living; rather it is about resolving those issues that pop up in your life (that interfere with your healthy and happy living) in a very safe, structured, and non-judgmental environment called COUNSELING.