Anxiety is a modern day problem being faced by people mostly living in metros and Cities. 

  1. They wake up too early, 
  2. have difficulty falling asleep, 
  3. they don't wake up feeling refreshed, 
  4. feel tired all day long, 
  5. have trapped in past or future, 
  6. daytime sleepiness, 
  7. overworked to make themselves numb, over think, 
  8. agitated, turn to substance abuse, 
  9. Chronic fatigue symptoms, irritable, 
  10. Low energy and 
  11. Low-concentration. 

If you have been suffering from Anxiety for too long you may then this article will help you.  A lot of sufferers end up eating poisonous and addictive medicines. It is horrible to see them increase their dose every 6-9 months, they look 10 years older than they are, the wrinkles on the face, premature greying of the hair, weight loss or too much gain, change in behaviour, rashness, heart issues; the list is endless. 

The drugs will only make you a zombie who just sleeps and can't think. This health guidance will you understand that you don’t need doctors to treat Anxiety issues and there are natural ways to treat Anxiety. 

Handling Failures

If your life is not a fairytale then it is ok. Life is not supposed to be one. Don’t feel helpless if life is not turning out to be the way you feel it should have been. Stop blaming yourself and stop giving excuses for where your life it is. It is where it is. Be happy about it. Habits have a tremendous impact on our life so instead of worrying focus on developing stronger habits that help you get your life on track. Take control and don’t expect a third person to take charge for you. Failures are not forever and they are a wonderful learning tool. 

Set up a Routine

Start your day early. Follow the early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy wealthy and wise. It is inconvenient to get up at 5:00 am but it’s worth it. Ensure you listen to your favorite music in the morning, eat a healthy breakfast, do some yoga, crack a joke with friends and family members. Eat your lunch at the right time, take a break from work, don’t overinvest in anything, and go for long walks in parks. Routine, success and happiness are closely knit. People with routine are so relaxed.  

Write down new Routine

Declutter your Mind

Our minds have an infinite capacity to absorb garbage and catch negativity. Our brain is constantly solving problems, analyzing and planning.  We need to stop making our mind work like a monkey from the jungle roaming in our neighbourhood. The constant inner dialogue distracts us from where we want to go and does not let us enjoy the Present. Every thought is either about past or future. Can we just live in present and shut the past and future tape that keeps playing in our mind? Quite a struggle. The longer the negative thoughts; worse you feel. There is a simple way to fight this problem. Reclaim the time you give over thinking and anxiety and drive it towards some productive work. For example; how about cooking, gardening, cleaning the house, helping your kid with homework, playing your favourite sports. You need to decrease the quota of Negative thoughts on a daily basis and increase the quota of productive work on daily basis. 

Clean up your mind. 


everything is urgent and important for you. It should not be.Panic sets in if it’s not attended to immediately. How can one relax if one loses sight of the value and life priorities that keep us balanced and sane? My suggestion is that stay away from Devices and Gadgets, stop worrying about the economy, and don’t watch loud TV shows at the sleep time.  Take a break from the fake life of people on social media, the loud or negative news channels, the past life regrets else these will become realities. Become more mindful and the controller of the thought that comes next. Retrain your brain to keep away from the external clutter. And don’t forget to do Yoga every day. It does not cause injury, keeps you flexible and healthy.  I have a patient who visits a grocery store every time there is tension. Visiting a Grocery store is a free treatment for her. So find your own relaxation. 

Relaxation is a powerful tool


Harder the better. When you are exercising you are focusing deep. It should be like meditation. Don't pick phones. Give it your 100%. Pick up a new  exercise which you have never done before. Pick a up a new exercise equipment too in the Gym which you have never done. Just go for it everyday 45 minutes. Preferably exercise  outdoor and keep having small gulps of water. Add music to exercise at low volume.  You have to exercise even if you are at rock bottom feeling wise. You may be feeling very anxious which may be making you numb;  making exercising very hard. Still exercise even though you don't feel like or feel numb. This has to continue for 2-3 weeks . Within 2-3 weeks of exercising with a terrible feeling and a low mental state you will finally go off to deep sleep and start waking up  fresh. When you wake up from deep fresh sleep your anxiety vanishes spontaneously. The 45 minute exercise regime has to be a taxing for your body. If your body does not ache you probably did not do much. The idea is not injuring but use simple exercises to tire you out . Once the Body comes in sleep rhythm the anxiety is thing of past, Exercise and Sleep are interlinked. Sleep helps you handle your stress for the day in a better manner. So don't wait go for exercise , sleep deep and leave your worries for your stronger brain. 

Exercise has tremendous potential to tackle Exercise. 

You are 100% responsible for your anxiety and only you can treat it. Some aids here and there are available but they are 20% of the solution.  Hope the above health reminders will help you lead a calm and simplified life. 

Remember “The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely to be the one who dropped it”. Don't complain; take charge and outsmart Anxiety!