Anxiety is a very common phenomenon which we all encounter; in an examination hall, during interviews, presentation or discussion at the workplace, or maybe in a simple situation like facing your boss!

Anxious situations keep us on tenterhooks constantly, consequences of which take a toll on our performance. It is not as difficult to keep a check on one's own anxiety if we follow these simple five tips in everyday life:

1. Keep a check on breathing while in any situation which induces anxious feelings. Breathing slowly and deeply helps in lowering anxiety. Performing Yoga and Pranayam goes a long way in checking anxiety.

2. Engage regularly in physical exercise -jogging, brisk walk, swimming and any other physical exercise. It channelizes negative energy towards positive one and checks anxious feelings.

3. Eating a balanced diet with loads of green vegetables and fruits full of fibre.

4. Find comfort and peace in whatever you have achieved. Aiming for perfection is good but realizing that one cannot control all the external factors is crucial. At times, its advisable to give into circumstances where you don't have any control.

 5. Maintaining a positive attitude towards circumstances will help in replacing negative thoughts with positive ones and empower you towards overcoming anxiety.