Workplace Stress is getting worse because of changes in the Political and Economic environment. And the avenues for handling this workplace stress have also increased manifolds. So how do business people get to the business of handling stress? Some corporate workers manage stress by shopping too much, some eat too much or numb themselves in some way.

The main strategy being distracting themselves from the stress but then Monday comes back. And this stress business gradually takes the form of depression, bad Health, and weakness. For women, this stress is too much because they have to handle the demands of the home and a family. The problem of stress for women is on a different scale altogether. 

Apart from the 2 factors mentioned above, there is a lot of noise regarding the bigger being better. Bigger house, bigger flat and bigger car. This endless pursuit for more is also a reason that leads to sadness, frustration, and stress. So does the answer lie in depriving us of Greatness, depriving us of realizing our Potential, leaving the job to become a small timer? No, that is not the way a modern women/corporate worker will handle stress. 

Stress releases bad chemicals. Stress impairs us. We lose our grip on the words we utter, our behaviour, heart rate and yes our women hormones. It shows up as increased aggressiveness, emptiness, weight gain (increased stress level will not allow fat reduction), facial hair and disturbed cycles. In my 20 years of practice, I have come across numerous working women patients and realized that those managed to do the following enjoyed better emotional, physical and hormonal health. 

1. 30 Minute of Exercise

The women of today need to have some good muscle mass. Investing 30 minutes a day on exercising. Exercise releases happy hormones and positive thoughts throughout the day. Exercising makes us emotionally and physically resilient. Investing in a Vipr (Vitality, Performance, Reconditioning) equipment will help. 

2. Success Management   

This is already a proven concept in the corporate world but it was better known as Time management. To be successful do the most important and relevant tasks.  Lack of focus on success will result in workplace entering your personal space. Remove the extras from our plate and put them as low priority.

3. Manage your Habits.

Keep your internal dialogue throughout the day. No one has benefitted from smoking and neither would you.

4. Responding to Workplace Relationships

The workplace has dynamics that result in differing opinions, disagreements, uncertainty and overwork, Instead of getting anxious due to these stressors increase your focus and become very alert to complete the task at hand. 

5. Positive Attitude

Sometimes we only have to rely on a positive attitude. Sometimes things don’t work out. Not everyone in the company will become a Chairman. 

6. Connect Internally 

It is great to fill us with corporate success. It’s a great feeling. If we connect with ourselves internally it is an icing on the cake. Spirituality can give us a perspective on what is meaningful and what is trivial. 

I wish you success, happiness, and health. And most importantly Relax.