We all feel inferior one point of Time. It' just human, but we do have a choice. This experience is definitely not likeable. Sometimes the circumstances can be rude. Inferiority complex affects us in many ways beyond our awareness. The awareness about inferiority complex helps us know and manage the causes. Let us look at why we have an inferiority complex in the first place. Most of us have the source of inferiority in comparison, worth and failures. Let's look at 3 ways how we make ourselves feel inferior. We put effort to make this interpretation. 

1. Our scale of comparison

Everyone compares. We learn it the moment we are born even if we may not have remembered it. Some will compare how your face looks like your father. How you smile like your mother. Even before you know the language comparison has started. But as we become aware we start thinking that the scales of comparison are true. Yes, we are inferior because someone else is Superior. If we can deal with these scales in a different way. We can make these scales invisible or at least translucent. The scales start in very basic comparison because we live in a society. The need for comparison is to make us feel good or bad about self. Initially, it starts as a motivational strategy. Parents and teachers compare. Suddenly, we feel that the scale is ours and we need that scale to excel or go far or get what we want in life. This scale that starts with siblings and friends can then extend to anyone. Regardless of age, without looking at the profession or location. Next time catch yourself when you compare. 

2. Feedback is feedback:

There is no interpretation of it. We tend to mix feedback with our worth. Nobody can give a feedback on who you are but what your skills are. People feel that they are the feedback, good, bad or ugly. None of the feedback from the most important guy is about you. Feedback is not given about your worth, it is about your skill. Keep them separate. Feedback is feedback there is no interpretation of it.


3. Deal with failure in a creative way

Failures are devastating. But doesn't mean we have to look at them as an irreparable blunder. Failures are for learning not for stopping. It might be about your skills, the way you didn't manage things. Maybe how you failed to understand the expectation. It might be able to get into a relationship or getting out of it. One of the creative ways is to write a CV of failure. Write a life vita of failures or resume of failures. Doesn't mean you must upload it on linked in but you can keep it to be comfortable with failures. Fail fast grow fast. Everyone wants to look successful, but you can't get success without the failures. You can find my CV or Life failures resume here. One interesting thing, people will read your failure resume more than they would your CV of success. Enjoy it. Even if you don't want to display it like me. You can write it for yourself, it's cathartic. Trust me.

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