The start of new year is the perfect time to turn on new ambitions, goals in life. That’s why so many of us make weight loss as new year resolution during this time. 

By now, you might have already googled or listened to your friend’s free advice on what to do, what to eat, what not to eat, which exercise is best and the list will go on. After all, this have you noticed why weightloss resolution fail?

On the basis of my experience being Lifestyle and Obesity specialist for past 8 years, here are 2 main reasons:

Finding out the right mentor: 

Healthy weight loss is a process which requires a complete understanding of your current lifestyle, body and current health conditions. You need a good Mentor, nutritionist or Doctor who can help you with best assessments of these conditions and come up with an approach plan which customised to you. Your body and your needs. The mentor not only helps you in planning but also monitor your progress and guide you during your whole course of the journey with timely inputs and motivation based on their Experience.So Stay away from Free advice and Choose a Mentor who has proven record and passion to work with you to fulfil your goal.

Your part:

Once you have found right Mentor, have trust in them. Show them your dedication and consistent efforts. Follow their guidelines and work closely with understanding how your body is progressing. 

Remember, Healthy weight loss is a process that can be achieved by making those small changes in your lifestyle, one at a time to create a big difference you want to see in you. Stay positive and All the best for your New year resolution.