What comes to our mind when someone asks us to go for counselling?

Different answers come from a different person, Some says,

1. Why should I need to know or go? 

2. Only you need a counselling.

3. It is a sign of weakness.

4. I don't want to share my feelings with others (Psychologist).

5. Let's discuss with us itself. I don't want the third party to interfere with our problem.

6. I won't come, you people will make me sick and get certified that I am mentally sick.

7. I am strong, I don't want.

8. Not interested.

9. I know everything, I can give counselling to many people and much other reason.

I wish to tell them in simple words.

Psychological Counseling is for normal people with adjustment problems. It also includes academic confusion in choosing the career or to handle academically related distress. When our day to today functioning or activities is affected by your stress events for more than 2 weeks.

For example:

a. You have suffered a trauma and you can't seem to stop thinking about it.

b. You have an unexplained and recurrent headache, stomach headache or rundown immune system.

c. You using a substance to cope.

d. You are getting bad feedback at work.

e. You feel disconnected from previously beloved activities.

f. Your relationship is strained.

If the above symptoms persist, Kindly share to your trustful friends or family members.

If still, it is not working, then You can consult psychologist/ counsellor, a psychologist will decide the therapy or he can refer to a psychiatrist for further evaluation if required.

"If our problem is explained by us to a psychologist ( professional) then we are normal, If our problem is explained by others to the professional, then we are getting abnormal."

If we have psychology as one of the subjects in our school. Hope we don't have a myth is going to professional for talking therapy.