The Dengue season is officially here as cases pour in several parts of the capital. Being a tropical disease, it is at its peak during two seasons in the entire year. The second season is here. While you should care about what you eat throughout the year, you should be really specific in these seasons to keep you safe from Dengue.

Not to Eat:

  • Avoid too much spicy food to keep your gut healthier. Patients of dengue should completely restrain from spicy food as it can hinder their recovery.
  • Beverages with caffeine should be avoided as they contribute to fatigue, dehydration, and muscle breakdown.
  • Too much oily food should also be avoided.
  • Roadside food can have a lot of germs so avoid them completely during this season.
  • Raw and already cut fruits from roadside should be avoided.

To Eat:

  • Consume fruits that are rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. For example, Orange, Apples, etc.
  • Fruits like Kiwi and Papaya are also good as it helps in increasing your platelet count.
  • Coconut water is also good to protect yourself from dehydration.
  • Freshly prepared food should be eaten.

Of course, you need to take other precautions as well, but following the above diet will help you stay immune. And in case you have any infections, you will be able to fight with them better.