It's that time of the year when mosquitos are the talk of the nation. Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, Yellow Fever - are all diseases that root from mosquitos and the concern is to keep them from reaching you. Though it’s quite impossible to be sure that you are free from mosquitoes everywhere and every time, there are a few points you should remember to make sure you do your part. 

Let’s have a look on what we can do to ensure mosquito free surroundings:

  • Use mosquito repellents at home and while stepping outside, especially after the sun sets when mosquitoes are most active. Dengue mosquitoes bite during the day so it is important to be on alert then as well.
  • For infants or small kids, continuous exposure to repellents can be harmful. Use mosquito nets for them and make sure they are wearing full sleeves clothes at most times.
  • Dry your coolers or regularly clean them with a spoonful of kerosene or other mosquito repellent oils available in the market.
  • Don’t let water collect in pots or old tyres/utensils on your rooftop or abandoned part of the house.
  • Keep your surroundings clean. If your locality isn’t clean, drop a complaint with the MCD or combine as a society to get it cleaned.
  • Send your child to school in full sleeve clothes and as parents ensure that the school is taking measures to fight mosquito breeding within the school premises.
  • Avoid going to parks in the evenings during this period.
  • Ensure fogging is done by concerned authorities from time to time to kill mosquitoes around your locality.

Preventive Measures To Keep Mosquitos Naturally Away

  • Have more garlic: Eating garlic can give us mild protection from mosquitoes, both from the odour in our breath as well as sulfur compounds that we emit through our skin. The smell of garlic is supposed to repel mosquitoes. So it might make sense to smell like an Italian restaurant full garlic recipes rather smelling like mosquito magnet. 
  • Thiamine supplementation: Taking Thiamine (Vitamin B1) may discourage the mosquitoes from biting you. Consuming more of this water soluble vitamin makes you secrete this more through sweating & urination producing an odour which females mosquitoes seem to have a dislike for.
  • Be less active in hot & humid weather: Other ways to be less visible or less attractive to mosquitoes is not to indulge in TOO MUCH exertion when mosquitoes are around. When you exert, you emit more lactic acid & more carbon dioxide, which attracts them to you. So, this will be the one season when I’ll be advising you to be more home-bound or if you have to venture out, then do yourself a favour by wearing full sleeves light coloured clothing especially during the peak hours for mosquito bites which are early mornings & dusk time.

Being safe is the key. If you experience any of the symptoms for any of these diseases in you or your family members, immediately take them to the nearest health care centre to fight it at the earliest. Stay safe, stay healthy!