Due to a stressful lifestyle which is now being followed by a maximum number of population, health issues like high blood pressure or hypertension is now common among the people of all age groups. Hypertension is due to the increase in the pressure of blood in the arteries. 

Deadline, targets and turnover are some of the things that dictate people daily routine while health takes a backseat. People now usually wait for the wakeup call before turning their concern towards their body which usually happens in the later stage of the problems. 

Countries like India will soon be termed as heart disease capital of the world due to increase in the number of cardiac problems in people including the younger ones. Meanwhile, high blood pressure during the pregnancy is considered dangerous for the mother as well as a child. 

While people are increasingly becoming aware of the severe disease like diabetes, hypertension and blood pressure, there is a room for preventive measures along with the awareness of the same. 

Some of the early signs of blood pressure can help one to find out that they are falling prey to this life-threatening disease are:


  • Dizziness: Sudden dizziness or loss of balance should not be ignored. While dizziness can also be due to blood pressure medication but if you are not on medication and experiencing dizziness, it is advisable to consult the doctors. 
  • Face flushing: While it can also occur due to the exposure to harsh sun rays or due to consumption of any alcoholic or spicy content but if that’s not the case, there is a possibility that you might be in the early stage of high blood pressure or hypertension. 
  • Likewise, nose bleeding or headaches are commonly referred as factors of high blood pressure but take some rest before panicking or reaching any conclusions.

It is to be mentioned that a poor lifestyle is considered to a major factor behind health ailments. Eating right food along with daily exercise can save a person from various diseases in a long run. 

Here are top 8 ayurvedic remedies for high blood pressure and hypertension:

1. Onion: Being an antibacterial agent, it is considered to be being a best healing diet for lowering blood pressure. Onion contains flavonol quercetin that helps in lowering the blood pressure and hypertension. Various studies have proven that onion being taken on the daily basis has shown a positive result in curing heart disease. It prevents the blood from thickening, a major cause that can lead to blocked arteries. 

2. Garlic: Garlic helps in alleviating blood pressure and also in reducing cholesterol levels. Garlic has proven to be very helpful in preventing any blood flow obstruction in the arteries. As it makes blood thinner, it promotes smooth blood flow. Try taking one garlic clove in the morning as it will protect your body from various health ailment s in a long run. 

3. Amla (Indian Gooseberry): Amla has been proven to be very effective in lowering blood pressure. Amla juice, if taken on an empty stomach with one glass of water can save you from various kinds of ailments in a long run. It is considered one of the best fruits in preventing heart failure and advanced stage problems like hypertension.  Being a rich source of Vitamin C, it helps in widening the blood vessel and reducing blood cholesterol levels. 

4. Green tea: Green tea is known to be best anti-oxidant that only has refreshing effects on the body. Consumption of green tea in moderation is very effective and can help in decreasing stress levels, one of the major causes of blood pressure and hypertension. 

5. Watermelon: Watermelon is a preferred fruit option during summer due to its high- water content that prevents dehydration. Other than keeping one hydrated, watermelon can help in keeping the heart healthy. Daily consumption of watermelon can help in reducing blood pressure level. Being an antioxidant agent, it also helps in eliminating the risk of cardiovascular disease

6. Lemon: It is one of the most effective fruit in reducing high blood pressure levels in the body as it helps in softening the blood vessels and removing any rigidity that can be a possibility in the smooth flow of blood. Rich in vitamin C is another property of lemon which helps in lowering the risk of heart failure.

7. Honey: It is considered one of the best herbal remedy for various kinds of health problem including high blood pressure. Regular consumption of honey along with a glass of water in the morning not only provides a smoothening effect to the body but also helps in relaxing the walls of blood vessels and controlling blood pressure levels. 

8. Green vegetable and fruits: Will help in a long run in protecting your protecting body from various kinds of diseases. Along with watermelon, fruits like Papaya and Grapes are very effective in keeping the heart healthy. Likewise, vegetables like spinach and carrot are also very useful in keeping the heart healthy.

In addition to this, little changes in the daily routine can do wonder in keeping a healthy heart. While cutting off tea or coffee totally is not possible for many of use, tying reducing the intake gradually. Likewise, eating less fat content products will save you from high cholesterol levels.