Working is a special part of our lives. We spend almost 8-12 hrs per day in the work place. Work not only provides income, but also fulfills a variety of other needs - mental and physical exercise, social contact, a feeling of self-worth and competence.

According to reports 50% employees in India are under stress. 71% people under stress feel they are not productive. Anxiety occurs when we start feeling that we cant cope up with work pattern or with the people working with you.

Factors influencing work place anxiety:

• The drive for success

• Changing work patterns

• Working conditions

• Overwork/Under-work

• Uncertainty/Conflict

• Responsibility

• Relationships at work

Not all the anxiety we experience is generated at work!!! Most of the time our personal behavior and thinking might influence work directly or indirectly.

How to manage work anxiety:

1. Identify whether you are comfortable and content with your current work pattern

2. Recognizing the problem doesn’t mean you are a weak or incapable person, it will help you to plan and overcome it.

3. Do not allow your past work experiences and emotional memories to affect your current work.

4. Change your thinking:

 A. Re-frame the situation to change the way you look at things. It will help you view things in a different light and in a less stressful      way.

 B. Positive thinking - Forget powerlessness, dejection, despair, failure. Focus on your strengths and seek out the positive.

 5.Change your behavior:

 A. Be assertive (Learn how to say “no” to certain things)

 B. Get organized - Prioritize objectives, duties and activities makes them manageable and achievable. Don’t overload your mind.

 C. Time management - set achievable goals, make a list, know what must be done, and learn to drop unimportant activities.   

 D. Develop a support network through friends or colleagues to talk with, sometimes sharing the feelings helps.

 E. Humor relieves stress.

 F. Diversion and distraction - If situation is extreme, take time out, get away from things which bother you, think logically to handle the situation. 

 G. Change your lifestyle - regular exercise, relaxation- deep breathing exercises, pranayam, good diet etc.

We need to feel good and be content with whatever work we do. Be aware that we cannot change the people or the organization rules, but if we are committed and motivated we can change ourselves to adapt to work environment.

“Always work hard, be honest and be proud of who you are”