Dear all, Mental health has become huge issues in the work today:

Check yourself whether you have work-related distress?

1. Emotional:

Are you struggling with irritable, sensitive to criticism, demonstrate an uncharacteristic loss of confidence or seem to lose their sense of humour.


2. Cognitive:

Are you making more mistakes than usual, have problems making decisions, or not be able to concentrate? Any sudden and unexplained drop in performance at work.


3. Behavioural: Are you arriving late, not taking lunch breaks, taking unofficial time off, not joining in office banter, or not hitting deadlines, becoming more introvert or extroverted, generally acting out of character


4. Physical: Have you exhibiting physical symptoms such as a constant cold, being tired at work, looking like haven’t made an effort with your appearance, or rapid weight loss or gain.


5. Business: At a business level, look out for an increased absence or staff turnover. Have you noticed employees working longer hours or a general drop in motivation or productivity levels?


Spotting yes more than 3 shows you have “work-related distress/ Occupational distress”.

Most of the company will not develop a Mental Health Policy, because they give concern for the production and not for the concern of employees. 

So what can we do in working practices?

1. We need to take regular breaks away from the desks and get out of the office to reduce stress.

2. Can try a power-down hour, where everyone steps away from their email or whats app group message.

3. Review your jobs descriptions to make sure these set out clear and realistic expectations. If not, this might be contributing to or even causing mental distress.

4. Think about how success is measured and people are rewarded.

5. Either we need to adjust or adapt or escape. We have not born for any particular employer; the world is so large and has more space for us to leave. So don’t lose hope


Never try for workplace violence and it can strike anywhere. Kindly avoid the situation/move out from that situation/person

For companies/Industries/Institution:

  1. Develop a mental health policy.
  2. Create peer-to-peer support networks to help staff talk through problems when they arise.
  3. Can create Employee Assistance Program in place to provide additional support for staff.
  4. Consider holding regular informal ‘drop-in’ sessions with someone from HR, or Psychologist to encourage people to talk through any issues they may be experiencing
  5. Or at least have “Tea and talk” with an employee, which makes some good emotional changes.