I am writing it from Delhi, now flooded due to incessant rains, epidemics of Dengue, Chikungunya, Malaria, Typhoid, Jaundice and other water /airborne infections. Humidity is 100% and droplets of water, not seen by us trap allergens, bacteria and viruses in them.

The latest about Hepatitis B infection is Transmission from human to human through droplets in air (otherwise, it is through infected needles and body fluids unlike Hepatitis A which is a water borne disease)

Viral infections like known / unknown are self-limiting and rarely require heavy antiviral drugs which are not specific. Commonly seen viral infections are Dengue and Chikungunya (it has nothing to do with chicken, infection was detected in an African country and name is local for the place where it was diagnosed first)

Only Paracetamol 500 mg 8 hourly is needed for symptoms of joint pains & fever.

Once Dengue is ruled out by blood report of good counts of platelets ( 1-4.5 lakhs), one can start Combiflam, and other NSAIDS for Joint pains seen and felt by patients of Chickengunea. 

Above medicines carry a risk of bleeding in cases of Dengue. Only paracetamol is safe if platelet counts are lower than 1 L.

Lots of fluids are needed , besides total bed rest to save loss of water through sweat which will be there in any case once the fever comes down from 104 to 99 within a day provided no heavy foods are given to avoid vomitings and gastric disturbances.

Do Not give plain water, it causes distention. Give only ORS - home made or sachets bought from shop.

Coconut water is like plasma fluid - give this juice but stay away from other juices available in market on the road side or over the shelf.

Mosquitoes breed in water and cause disease and Water is The Therapy !

One can give clear soups, diluted toned milk for proteins and dry biscuits for wheat.

But No Fats/ Maida/ Heavy spices/Heavy grains.

Home made ORS- Juice of a lemon + spoon of sugar/honey/Roohafza + pinch of salt in 1L water.

Diluted milk 1:4 with water with Roohafza to be sipped frequently. Chachh is another healthy choice as it has essential amino acids as proteins to repair damaged cells.

Due to Fever or due to Water Retention, patients Do Complain of Rash. Apply No Creams/Lotions/gels etc. Keep the skin as dry as possible by being indoors. Apply medicated powder like Clotrimazole lavishly to affected areas ( available as Mycoderm-C / Absorb, looks like Nycil and costs the same ) 

Despite Every Caution , Despite fever being under control after 104 F, why are healthy adults complaining of swellings on feet as if there is water retention.

No extra salts were given all through the phase of fever.

Remember lots of breakdown of blood cells has occurred during the process of bringing down the fever.

Most probable cause of swelling is temporary Anemia, and it is not due to Liver or kidneys as No Heavy antibiotics have been given during fever  to affect these vital organs.

It is a Passing Phase.

Reduce salt to bare minimum but do not eat a Bland diet after fever. Say No to packaged foods like Sauces , Pickles , Papads , Chutneys etc because salt with sodium is a Preservative and is Added to Every Packed food.

Counter the effects of sodium in little salt taken by taking more Potassium Through Food Only ( no supplements as they can harm the heart but foods rich in potassium are safe)

Take as much as you can -lemon, citrus fruits like oranges , mausami, bananas , raw amla but No Juices , only whole fruits with fiber which will absorb toxins causing distention and swellings on feet ( visible on feet but swellings are all over the body) Swelling around brain does make a person a bit dumb ,but it is just for the time being !

Do not sit with legs with feet not supported , keep a stool under feet as a support.

Get a massage done with movements towards the heart and not the other way .

The Swellings are scary as they cause some load on the body too but there is No Need to take Diuretic medicines like Lasix to get rid of them.  

Potassium rich foods plus drinking lots of water does help in removing extra water from body by inducing more urine generation the natural way and removing the collected toxins after the Fever