The Scarsdale Diet For Healthy Body

The Scarsdale Medical 14-Day Diet appeared in 1978 and is still popular. Essentially this diet is another one of the high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets that continually reappear in revised versions. The diet contains 43 percent protein compared to 12 percent recommended by various health professionals, 22.5 percent fat, and 34.5 percent carbohydrate and totals 1000 calories per day. Dr. Herman Tarnower claimed one-pound loss per day and wisely recommended that the diet be adhered to no longer than 14 days. The reason for its success, according to Dr. Phillip White, secretary of the Council on Foods and Nutrition of the AMA, was its extreme rigidity. 

The dieter had few decisions to make, encouraging compliance. Other attributes were that it stressed a high protein intake, a nutrient considered as a status symbol in this country.For example, two days a week the dieter is encouraged to eat"plenty of steak" without indicating quantity. Another positive trait was that the diet was named after a symbol of success, the community of Scarsdale, one of the richest in the U.S.The diet's rigidity is reflected in its rules: Eat only foods listed on the carefully planned 14-day menu, make no substitutions,never overload the stomach, and do not stay on it for longer than 14 days. For two weeks the dieter follows the Keep Trim Eating Plan, allowing for a wider variety of foods. 

Dieters do not have to think because menus are pre planned. The Scarsdale Diet will cause weight loss temporarily, but like allsuch regimens dieters do not learn good eating habits necessary for weight maintenance. Nutritionally, the diet is low in calcium; dairy products are allowed only on Friday. It also does not specify quantities of food but instead gives dieters unrestricted amounts such as"eat all you want of fruit salad" for Tuesday's lunch and"plenty of steak" for Tuesday's and Friday's dinner. Lack of restriction on amounts are given may be another reason why the program appeals to millions of people. However, one reason why people are overweight is because they eat too much in relation to what they expend and probably the last thing they need is the freedom to misuse or abuse food portions.

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