Water and the low impact exercises done in a pool are the best medicine being prescribed for all age groups, specially older folks over 55 years who can find water based exercises very easy on their arthritic joints. Water and the buoyant forces help decrease pain around degenerated joints and the resistance of the water helps build muscle and tone in the body. Its therapeutic effects are amazing and more so that knee arthritis patients will benefit a lot with from water based lower body strengthening programs. For all sports injuries like AcL rupture, meniscal repair and ankle sprains, water based programs helps maintain the joint and muscle health and tone.

Water based exercises best work on the whole body and its a good workout for the shoulders and arms.

Water and hydrotherapy is the best medicine for ankylosing spondylitis patients, the benefits of relaxation and mobility in water specially temperature controlled water helps ease pain and decreases swelling and stiffness in the joints. Water also provides a certain amount of resistance to your movements, further helping to strengthen your muscles.

water based relaxation for pregnant mom

Water based relaxation for pregnant moms 

Water-based workouts are very much recommended for pregnant moms. Water helps feel good and relaxes swollen feet & achy joints. It allows pregnant ladies to move around more freely without the fear of hurting themselves by hitting somewhere. Aquatic prenatal exercises are great during prenatal period to ease any pains and helps with reducing joint pains and strengthens the core and abdominal and pelvic floor muscles aiding in good healthy births.

Dr Anjali helps advocate healthy safe exercise programs for patients needing low impact workouts and swimming and water sports are the ones which are often prescribed.