There is no such activity that is performed without the movement of hands and legs. Compared to other body parts, the knees and the back get the most pressure. Knee pain can be one of the most common problems that restrict one’s functioning and physical movements. The knee pain can be acute or chronic depending on how severe the pain is. The pain in the knees can change from person to person. There are some individuals who feel the pain in the joints, while others experience the pain in the ligament and cartilage. If you are feeling a little stiffness or inflammation in the knees, it is better to take the suggestion from the doctor. 

There are various knee pain treatment options available. But if you want to avoid the surgeries or the medicines, it is better that you take the help of some remedies that are easily available at home. Never let your knee disturb the mobility; instead be fit and active.

Few Tips:

1. Apply the cold therapy:

You can wrap some ice cubes in the towel and press the towel softly on the painful area for about 20 minutes. Ice helps in reducing the swelling and it will provide a relief to the pain.

2. Use the cayenne pepper:

This type of pepper contains the capsaicin that is a natural painkiller. You can mix two tablespoons of cayenne pepper with some amount of olive oil and massage over the affected area to get relief.

3. Ginger to reduce knee pain:

One of the best homemade knee pain treatment options is using ginger over the painful area. When the pain is due to arthritis or muscle strain, ginger can act as magic due to its inflammatory properties. You can consume raw ginger to reduce the pain. 

4. Use lemon:

Citric acid that is found in the lemon is one of the best ways to reduce the knee pain. Cut the lemon into two halves; dip one-half in the sesame oil and rub on the area for about 10 minutes. Repeat this every day to reduce pain.

These are some of the natural treatments for knee pain that will help you reduce pain and give you a good life.