Ghee has played an important role in every Indian kitchen since our old Indian Tradition. Ghee is not only used in the kitchen but also in homa, yagyna as it has the potency to eat up all the toxicity of environment, mind and body. In fact, the Ghee is compared with amrita i.e the nectar in ayurveda. 

I would like to highlight, what makes it so special?

  • It consists of SCFA (short-chain fatty acids), therefore they promote burning of the stubborn fat from the unwanted area like abdomen, thighs, arms.
  • It also promotes healthy bacteria in the gut, it tones up the muscles of the heart,  uterus. 
  • It sharpens the intellect. 
  • Just as when Ghee is poured in the yagyna it increases the flame, in the same way when ghee is added to the food it not only increases the taste and flavour of the food but it also kindles the digestive fire.

Benefits of taking Ghee:

The addition of ghee to the meal reduces the glycaemic index of food. Nowadays Diabetes, PCOD, Thyroid problems, Obesity are so common that every 6th person in the World is suffering from these problems. As these problems are arising out of insulin-resistance and one way to improve this is by adding 1 tsp-2 tsp of ghee to the meal daily. The reason why there is a combination of dal-chawal-ghee, roti-ghee-shakar, modak- ghee is that it reduces the glycemic index of these meals.

  • Ghee and Spine: When the wick of the lamp is made by dipping it in ghee it stands upright in the same way when one takes ghee, it makes the bones and especially the spine strong. i.e why in early Indian tradition pehlwans used to drink up to 1 litres of ghee daily.
  • Ghee and pregnancy: In the ancient Indian tradition when the couple announced the good news, the lady definitely had to take ghee in her meal and i.e why there where less or no cases of hypothyroidism or vitamin D deficiencies in those days.
  • Ghee and gut: ghee also improves the quality of the gut bacteria thereby increase the immunity of the individual.

Some Myths and Facts About Ghee:

Myth 1: Ghee is fattening                                         

Fact: Ghee is lipolytic in nature. i.e it breaks down fat. Due to SPCA present in it.

Myth 2: Ghee increase cholesterol                           

Fact: Ghee reduces cholesterol by increasing the contribution of lipids to metabolism.

Myth 3:  Ghee is harmful for the Heart

Fact: Ghee is rich in antioxidants , CLA and fat soluble vitamins like A,E,D. and therefore is good for heart.