Are we aware that Stress Can Be Healthy too? 

The Productive Stress- eg

Fight for own space as Stress, which reduces the feeling of being Taken For granted.

The Flighty Stress that Gives us Powers to run away from the Enemies

 The Fear Factors as Stress, which makes us Fearful of Heavenly Forces Watching over all of us to Prevent us to Harm Others.

Why Does Stress Aggravates Chronic Conditions including COPD? 

Stress Hormone is Steroid.

We are aware of Side Effects of Steroids ( moon face,central obesity,hair fall,thinning of bones,mood changes are some of important side effects of artificial steroids)

Why are medals taken away from athletes,if tested positive for steroids?

Because Stress Hormone increases the energy levels,though temporarily !

Steroids are present in our bodies as natural hormones ,secreted by Adrenal Glands on top of kidneys but getting orders from Big Boss present in Brain as Anterior Pituitary

And every gland in the body is watched over by Pituitary Gland in the brain.

Studies have shown that at times of peak emotions-be it extreme happiness,anger,fear or grief,there is stimulation to the extreme.

We suffer because we are humans and Not Robots.

Making Negative Stress to a  Positive Stress is an Art.

One can learn it through Books, Gurus or Become the Ultimate- Own Guru with Inherent Intuitive Powers

The Big Boss in Brain Prepares the body to Fight, Flight or Freight..

It results in increased heart rate,helping the body get more blood in anticipation of increased energy requirement by the muscles.

The Respiratory rate increases to help the Oxygen Supply.

Acute Stress and Emotions can cause weakening of pumping capacity of the heart,primarily a muscle failure,which is termed as Stress Cardiomyopathy.

Maybe now the reasons are clear about: 

1) Stress, 

2) Mother of daughters only, 

3) Repeated selective abortions using high doses of medicines like Prostaglandins & 

4) Taunts of Obsessed Society.

This Message is for every mother who is -

1) Physically abused to work more, because she is responsible for bearing daughters,one after another 

2) Psychologically Abused through husband who is 'macho' enough to  bring in another woman and mother of daughters only is taunted by young 'other'woman about her status being like a Queen because she is healthier enough to undergo Innumerable selective abortions!

Can Mother of Daughters Only Say-Damn This Society?

She has to because-

It is not Only Her Life which is at Stake.

It involves the Young 'Lives' of Her Daughters too 

Energies of Feminine kind can Collectively face the Mafias Bent Upon Ruining Lives of Women because these Women Dared to Face every humiliation, every barb because of-

The Mind which functions as a caring unit of Strength.

Be One With Self & Be Your Own Guru with Intuitive Powers as Guide.

This Kind of Enlightenment is faced after suffering from COPD & other Chronic diseases

Why Not Earlier?

Maybe Everything has a Time & Space

But it is Never Too Late to Say 'No' to the Ills of Society