Self-Esteem is the feeling towards one’s own self. It is the confidence one has over them for the performance. In simple words, it is the self-concept how we feel about ourselves. It impacts a person’s entire life. It can be shaped by our experiences with family, friends and social circle.

Low Self-Esteem

If a person is intelligent enough but lacks or have low self-esteem can face obstacles, down-fall in each and every respect of life like job, relationship and more. It can set at an early age. Rejection at any age plays an important role to erode the base of self-esteem.

By using low self-esteem in day-to-day life, you will lose the capability of performing. This might lead to putting you down, doubting your own self, abusing yourself or allowing others to abuse due to the wrong decisions, denying performing an action, self-centeredness or self-indulgence.

Signs of Low Self-Esteem

  • The person who loves to gossip about others and wants to be superior.
  • The person who is overly sensitive to criticism and overly critical of others.
  • The person is unable to enjoy the present and crib about past more.
  • The person who focuses more on failures instead of success.
  • The person who is never satisfied with any aspect of life. 
  • Ultimately dissatisfied
  • One who is close-minded and self-centred.
  • One who is arrogant and wants to show he/she knows everything.
  • Cannot handle the failures and will make excuses.
  • Lack of confidence, self-pride.
  • Cannot handle compliments easily
  • Try to make other people uncomfortable.
  • Do not like own company.
  • Lack of satisfaction.Fear of unknown and due to that afraid of taking risks.
  • They need constant approval and support from others.

Positive Self-Esteem

Positive self-esteem is build up by being aware of self. Just like respecting others you need to have respect for your own. This helps you to boost your morale and confidence. One should acknowledge their own values and accept themselves as a whole with all the defaults and strengths. People who love themselves have the power to handle the criticism as they are able to understand themselves better and know how they can overcome the life hurdles.

Benefits of High Self-Esteem

  • People with high self-esteem are more willing to accept responsibilities.
  • They have a caring attitude toward others which makes meaningful relationships.
  • It improves our risk taking ability and they are more open to change.
  • The person handles criticism more maturely.
  • People have an optimistic view regarding their life which helps them to form a new approach.
  • One will be more confident to tackle life problems.
  • The person will be able to cheer up in the social gatherings due to intact peace of mind.
  • It helps you with personal and professional growth.
  • They respect authority and practice discipline.
  • It helps to develop a mindset that brings happiness.
  • They are willing to learn and instead of gossiping they love to discuss and share their ideas.
  • They are more assertive and understanding towards others.
  • They are more concerned about character.
  • They know their self-worth which is internally driven.

Role of Self-Esteem in Marriage

In relationship/ marriage due to poor self-esteem, a person is unable to open to the partner which further leads to lack of communication. Criticisms and compliments are part of any relationship/ marriage. Because of negative self-esteem, a person is unable to accept flaws in self and unable to resolve the conflicts in the marriage. Through marriage counselling, a person is able to identify problems because of self-esteem. During the individual session in marriage counselling, these sort of issue is highlighted. A marriage counsellor helps the person to resolve these issues and help them to be constructively assertive for a more meaningful relationship.