With increasing awareness toward health,accurate diagnostic tools,better medical services have ensured the increased probability of life enhancement and this is the cause that there has been an increase in the number of old age people in the world which is a good thing.It is said that the number of old age people is about twenty percent  and it is expected that the number should increase in the next eight to ten years.

There have been some negative aspects of this also, the poly arthritis disease occurring mostly in old age people like Heart Disease,Hypertension,Paralysis,"Arthritis" and rapidly increasing.

Historically,joint pain was considered as a disease of old age but it has started to occur in middle ages as well. Arthritis is som polyarthritis diseases as it can involve two or more joints. Comparatively it is found more in women. Women  with progressive age have more tendencies to gain arthritis,people living in the damp and cold region are found to be more susceptible to this disease.

In this disease the tissues near joints are inflamed which cause swelling and pain in the joints.As the disease becomes chronic ,the pain and swelling become worse.

Symptoms of Arthritis

  1. Pain in the affected joints.
  2. Swelling in the joints.
  3. Spasm in the joints.
  4. Some patients might feel feverish in starting phase.
  5. Joints may feel stiff.
  6. Usually the small joints are affected in this disease.
  7. As the disease progress ,the joints may bend.

These are the outer symptoms which are helpful for diagnosing this problem.The pain is usually even,in the joints and patient feels pain while walking and sitting.

The degree of severeness of this disease depends on how much the joint tissues are damaged and swelled.

Tips for Arthritis.

  1. Stay away from mental stress.
  2. Protect the body from extreme cold.
  3. Protect the body from extreme physical exertion.
  4. Do not use cold beverages.