Asthma is a life threatening disorder in which the person feels difficulty in breathing. With increasing amount of pollution and dust surrounding our lives more and more people are developing this disease. The mainstay of the treatment of asthma is to prevent the attacks of asthma, so here are some tips to stay healthy when you have asthma.

What are the symptoms of asthma?

The main symptom of asthma is the Shortening of breath which may occur with heaviness of chest.

What cause the asthma?

The cause of asthma is the allergic response of the body against a particular allergen which results in narrowing of breathing tubes in the lungs resulting in difficulty in breathing. These allergens might be a particular food, smell, dust, pollution, smoke etc.

How to stay away from asthma?

  • Avoid allergens: there might be thousands of allergens hidden inside our daily consumable items which can cause Asthma.
  • Avoid exposure to cold: exposure to the cold temperatures or cold wind may cause asthma attack in some people.
  • Stay away from smoke: smoke and pollution can trigger the fatal asthma attack anytime. A person having asthma should avoid places where is smoke or pollution. A passive smoke from cigarette is also damaging to asthma patients.
  • Avoid stress: over stress may be a factor in repeated asthma attacks.
  • Stay calm and relaxed: mediation keeps you stay calm in case of asthma and reduce the effect of the attack.
  • Nasal and chest exercises: exercises which works on chest and nasal cavities keeps the lungs healthy ,yoga exercises like Pranayama works really well in respiratory diseases like asthma. These exercises not only make your lungs strong but also prevent further attacks.
  • Eucalyptus oil: Steam inhalation of eucalyptus oil in the water has been proven to provide relief from the symptoms of asthma.
  • Keep your house as clean and dust free as possible. There might be a million allergens hidden inside the mattress you sleep and you might not have noticed that as a potential allergen.