A 77-year-old male from Hapur had severe back pain with pain in both legs and buttocks. He had severe Neurogenic claudication, i.e pain, numbness, tingling in both legs which increased with walking and standing and he felt better after sitting or on lying down. He could walk for only for few seconds or minutes and his daily activities were severely restricted. 

His X-ray showed degenerative spondylolisthesis at L4-5 level. MRI showed Severe lumbar canal stenosis. 

He underwent Lumbar decompression and fusion with pedicle screw fixation. He was walking from very next day with significant improvement in symptoms and went back to his work at 2 weeks. 

Back pain in such cases is because of spondylolisthesis while claudication is due to stenosis. Adequate decompression with fusion allows good improvement in symptoms while fixation allows early mobilization.

Patient is mobilized from very next day depending on his pain tolerance with some restriction like no forward bending and sitting on ground