The world men inhabit is rather austere. One finds a strange amalgam of contradictory traits. Where vulnerability is bleak and mistaken. Where one is susceptible to criticism. Where one shields themselves with defenselessness and helplessness to protect themselves from pitfall and temptation. The vulnerability is an equipment to deal with hostility. 

  • He beats me every day, but, what can I do? 
  • I am humiliated every day at work by my boss! But, he is the authority, I am helpless, I have to deal with it!
  • I am fat! My friends make fun of me, but there is nothing that I can do!

Situations that one encounters conventionally crafts helplessness. Being a victim is certainly vicious. Nonetheless, it does not determine one to take charge.There is nothing I can do!In all conscience isn't there anything one can do?

Start Sensing!

Start sensing!

At the sight of a butterfly, the term sensitivity culminates in one's mind. However, the authentic implication of sensitivity is not fathomed! Sensitivity is wrongly comprehended by gentle, delicate, weak, helpless. A butterfly righteously possesses these qualities, and a butterfly is the most sensitive, however, it’s not weak or helpless. When a butterfly "senses" endangerment, it swooshes. It protects itself. Flying when sensing danger is anchored in a butterfly. Hence, a butterfly is sensitive but not vulnerable. A vulnerability has been wrongly presumed as a "sensitivity". Being sensitive is to perceive through sensations. A person who is "sensitive" is aware and responsive to the feelings of others.In the case of a butterfly, it senses danger and flies. With human beings, the danger is perceived as helplessness. One either has a low or high threshold of sensation. It becomes strenuous for an individual to gauge a response to a particular sensation. That's when vulnerability substitutes.To overcome humiliating situations, and helplessness, one has to start sensing! 

Its okay!

It is "OK" to be vulnerable but not surrender to humiliation 

As humans, we imbibe anything and everything. When biologically a human being has low immunity levels, they are prone to catch diseases faster. Similarly, when human beings are in jeopardy, their resistance to fight back is highly low, and they choose to follow the "flight response" or give in to the danger and become victims. Either of the responses cannot be approved. Choosing to surrender to humiliation or menace, is most humiliating and dangerous. Stand up for yourself! Now!

Why am I feeling Vulnerable?

Why does one become vulnerable?

Vulnerability never was inculcated in human minds. Gradually, it starts substituting strength and courage. Fear being one of the factors makes one feel subordinate. In the process of pleasing others, one gradually gives in to humiliation, injustice, inconvenience. The vulnerability is due to lack of self-confidence. When one doesn't know what they are, their choices, preferences they most certainly are not aware of their attributes.The first step towards vulnerability is to unlearn to become susceptible. Start sensing! Feelings matter!

I am not weak, my situation is... 

Fighting against vulnerability 

It requires a lot of courage to stand up for oneself. To sense danger and face it, is brave! Nonetheless, one must be in a position to sense the inconvenience. The world has always been a ruthless place. And its ruthlessness is not hidden from anyone. The weak are crushed and the powerful are respected. However, we frame the weak and we frame the superior. The vulnerability can be dealt with, by starting to sense, knowing thyself, appraising thyself! 

Every individual is unique. However, individuals gauge their abilities on the basis of appreciation. Why wait for someone else’s rewards? Reward yourself for your achievements. Reward yourself for your accomplishments. Who else would understand or know you better than yourself! Drawing rules and ethics and rigorously following them crafts in oneself a better individual.