Ahara (Food) Nidra (Sleep) and Brahmacharya (Being in one's senses) are the three pillars of health according to Ayurveda. Nidra -  sleep, is very important among them. It is the sleep which decides how fresh we wake up the next day. If the sleep is not good enough, or disturbed, a person's whole day might be just fruitless.

Ayurveda has included many daily regimens for the correct, good and balanced sleep. Sukhaswapnavabodha is the term Acharya Charaka uses. He means to say that a healthy person should have a good sleep and also when he wakes up, he should feel fresh, no laziness and fatigue. This is also a feature of a healthy individual. 

How to have a good sleep?

Ayurveda advocates certain daily regimen like Shiro Abhyanga i.e. application of medicated oil to head in a prescribed manner. The second one is the Pada Abhyanga - to apply medicated oil and giving a foot massage. The third one is to drink a glassful of (About 200ml) of hot milk (should be diluted with water) at bedtime, One can use Badam powder which is prepared in home as an additive to the milk along with sugar candy. 

Disturbed Sleep? 

Disturbed sleep is a condition wherein a person may feel difficulty in falling asleep, or his sleep gets disturbed in the middle of a sleep, or even feeling slight headache when a person wakes up, not feeling fresh when waking up, etc...

For this sleeping problem, Ayurveda advocated certain treatments like Shirodhara, Shiroabhyanga and Shiro basti. They reduce the problems associated with the psychic part of a person and helps a person get good sleep. The Abhyanga which is also an Ayurveda therapy part relaxes the physical component, thereby reducing stress and improving neuro-psychological axis.

Regularly applying medicated oil to head also helps to get rid of hairfall, and promoted good hair growth.